Hello, can you hear me Joe?

Why hello.

Ahoy! Maybe you remember me? I go by the name of Tessa, but Beyonce will serve. Most likely you have never read this blog, if your just stopping by then welcome! If indeed you are one of the few that has stumbled on it in the past well, the bitch is back.

In the past I blogged primarily on food. However, instead of boring you to tears with every morsel of edible delight that enters my mouth (let face it, I am not a chef or baker) I will shift my musings to randomness and life.

So what's a sistah been up to?


Puerto Rico: The Caribbean Islands

With Starbucks in hand, questionable considering I am achieving my degree Community-Based Tourism... I swear I support the locals.

New Zealand
 Backpacking in the North Island.

I am a enthusiast of frolicking...

and sheep.

Neah Bay
Staying with a local Native American tribe, learning about the culture and tourism.
For those folks who aren't familiar with Washington outside of Seattle, it is right next to Forks. Yes, that would be Jacob from Twilight homeland.


Post-"graduation" trip. Why the quotation? I still have two courses to take, that didn't stop me from pretending to deserve a vacation.


When I last blogged I was 21; now I am 21+2, and none the wiser.


90's themed 22nd birthday. Long locks, how I miss thee.


Hard to tell but I have chopped my hair into a pixie.

   On that note, I'm in the awesome process of growing it out, hence resembling that of smooth crooner Billy Ray.



For the past 8 months I have been working in Winthrop, in my chosen field of Recreation. Here I lead guided runs, nature walks, hikes, kayaking and kids programs while working in an activities shop. 

Just a little baby fetus cliff jump.
Ain't a bad place to work.
Which leads us to the present.

I am taking 6 months off from work to finally finish my degree and get my Wilderness First Responder. 
After force feeding you far to many pictures of myself I would like to thank you for stopping by! Lawd knows there is an ass ton of blogs out there.

Any questions? Feel free to ask!