Under Pressure, David Bowie Style.

What up loves?!

So, the stress of life has been weighing heavy on a Sweet Tooth's heart. 
I have four finals and three huge projects all next week. Have I studied for any? Nope. Procrastinator extraordinaire. Not to mention I still need to take a physical and get a background check (for interning in the Caribbean!), apply for emergency finical aid (yikes) and register for classes.

No worries though; I am a tiger.

While indeed a sunny day in the Pacific North West, I realize it is not summer. Not to fret, I wore a jacket.

Last weekend I trekked home for a day. While there I enjoyed an amazing meal at Plum. It is an all vegan restaurant in Seattle I highly recommend! Also, needless to say Mama Coop and the Pop's hooked it up. Mind you, this is not even half the stash. They are the best-est!

The works.

Can you believe I've NEVER had polenta before? Crime.This stuff is good. However, homegirl is not a chef. Does anyone have any recipe ideas for this gem? As a classy collegiate, I have been microwaving it.

Damn tasty.

Here is another new treasure.
Presenting a progression of personal excitement:
I give you calimyrna figs.

 Work it.

Jazzing it up with some crunch.

Plate refilled multiple times.

The innards (this picture almost seems dirty).

Money shot.

Now having exploited these figs, lets move on.
To what you say?
Well, an average lunch of a Sweet Tooth of course!

This marks the first time trying the lemon zest luna bar. It was strange. Not a bad strange, just a weird one. It tasted like a sugar coated lemon rice crispy bar. The lemon part sketched me out, just a touch.

Talking about lunch, it is only natural to continue by talking about breakfast.
Breakfast of champs:

Ha! I kid. It is a late night snack, of course.

I am a firm believer in AM carbs. Scratch that, carbs in general.

Especially in Cap'n Crunch form. Even if they are hidden under blues and kashi golean!

I am loving the swag the parental's provided. Fact: fruit and veggies will be gone in approximately 2 days.

Enjoying it while it last, Tessa. Enjoy it while it last.

A breakfast delight...

World peace could be attained in a peanut butter wrap. Well not so much, but it cures my grumbling tummy.

Sometimes I eat salads.

That acquire heavenly glows.

To end in a Sweet Tooth kind of way:

Chocolate! With a side of awkward hand shot.

Well love pies, enjoy your weekend!

Question: How do you deal with stress?
I am terrible with it. I tend to avoid stressful situations at all cost. However, this goes against my procrastinator nature. Here in lies the dilemma. Either I avoid the situation until it goes away, or with school I wait till the last minute to accomplish anything. Don't you worry though, I always get shit done ;).


  1. Wow, mom and dad definitely hooked you up! I consider it a victory if I come home to hummus in the fridge. Mama and papa always have an awesome cereal stash, though! I love the Lemon Lunas, but they are kinda weird tasting. I like them in the morning, cause they're such a zingy wakeup call! Hang in there through all that stress- I'm no help, because I freak out about everything!!

  2. You must try figs with peanut butter or better'n'pb.. sooooo good!!!

  3. Hi!

    When I'm stress...I just go for a hot bubble bath. Or go shopping. Not good for my wallet though :p

    Omg I could go for hours and hours contemplating your eats!! I love the grocery stuff, especially the tofurky! Love them :)

    I just discovered there was more than one kind of fig: the one that you bought and the mission figs! I just bought the mission ones and can't wait to try them :)

    Berries in a salad...never tried it! Is it better with cheese?


  4. those lunas are basically the only flavor i'm not a fan of! "weird" is a pretty accurate description. love zbars tho! you are so cute, i love that skirt! berries in a salad are teh best..i wish bloobs were in season already, but at least i have some early strawberries to tide me over!

  5. I deal with stress by... well, procrastinating ;)

    New reader, by the way! I can't *believe* you love Labyrinth too, it is my hands-down all-time fave movie EVER and DBowie is my one and ONLY. Fo reals.

    Love your blog, added you to my G Reader girlie!