Two Weeks Till Freedom!

Lovah's! You ladies are too much with your sweet comments on the fit's :)

First, it has been far too long since I last blogged. School is bringing a sistah down, hard. However, I do have some delightful news from the land of Sweet Tooth. I am going to the Caribbean in two weeks, say what?! Long story short my professor/adviser/balla hooked it up with a paid mini-internship watching kidlets on a cruise ship. Best part (well besides being in the Caribbean), one of my bestie's is going too! Hooray!

Backtracking to last weekend... it was amazing! Little known fact, the Pacific Northwest can bring down yo' mood with its buckets of rain. But last weekend? Oh no, life had different plans. The sun was shinning and birds were chirppin'!

Plus I got a new outfit. Behold:

The Ninja Turtle snuggie. I jacked this dime from my homeboy while watching others when I enjoyed a beer
playing kickball.

The sun kept at it all weekend long. Providing bossy sunsets, which are one of my favorite things in life.

Downtown at its finest.

Also, I trekked here...

Mt. Baker, where I spent a glorious Saturday on the slopes!

The weekend was delightful, however this week stress took its toll. Case in point, last night I awoke at 2am, stayed up till 5am only to hear the blaring alarm at 6am. When stressed, I can not sleep. In these wee hours did I catch up on the butt load of homework? Nah. Instead I munched on a peanut butter wrap and cereal while surfing the web... productivity at its finest.

Here is today's fit!


Bars, glorious bars! Which are all gone :(.

Yum. 'Nuff said.

On to peas.

Last week I randomly sauntered into the local co-op, did I need to go grocery shopping? Nope. Seriously, I cannot be trusted in them. I decided to peruse the freezer section when I spotted a bag of frozen blueberries. I needed that bag. However when looking at the hefty price tag I scoffed in disgust. Low and behold right next to the frozen blues where a cheap ass bag of peas. I had no desire for the peas, in fact I can not recall the last time I ate them. Now I have to demolish a bag of them. Perfect. I'm sure this story fascinated you to the core. I apologize.

Moving on, here is a  little tutorial of how to dress up your apple:

Snazzy up with a carrot and toffutti cream cheese spread.

Awaken your taste buds with a salty, sweet contrast. 

Let's be real, the best way to eat an apple is adorned with chocolate chips and cereal.

Pathetic attempt of a tutorial done.

In-between major minor freak-outs due to school, I stocked up the groceries.

The other goods are of no importance, the diamond in the ruff is that red box of childhood. It called my named in the aisle, "Tessssa, devour me." Kind regards, the Cap'n. Really, who am I to deny an iconic figure?

Finally, I leave you with this. For life would not be complete with out it.

One love.

Well sassy ladies have a WONDROUS weekend, cheers!


  1. haha you're hilarious!! i agree, apples are much better with chocolate.. anything is for that matter ;) have fun in the caribbean!!! so exciting!

  2. Um, could I be any more jealous of your Spring Break trip?! That'll be so fun!! Never was a Cap'n Crunch girl, for me it was always the Lucky Charms or Cocoa Puffs. With the marshmallows picked out, of course :)

  3. OMG I love you. Come be with me. Better yet, let me come to the Caribbean with you.

    CAP'N!!!!! That is my all-time favorite cereal. Absolutely outstanding.

    Um, life would definitely not be complete without cereal. Seriously.

    Hope you have a fabby weekend! Love youuuu! xoxoxo

  4. hey the trip to the caribbeans sounds awesome!!
    i´d give anything to escape the german winter, seriously fed up with snowy rain and temperatures under 0° C!!!!!

    love ur snuggy! haha wish we could get them over here, i told my boyfriend to buy me one for my birthday in australia, but he refused to do so....we had a minor relationship crisis over it ;)

    have a great weekend!johanna

  5. I LOVE snuggies! My boyfriend got me one for our anniversary and I just love it!

  6. you have all the best bars in that pic, my favorites! you are so cute in your outfit and the last pic too, haha! mt baker = gorgeous! nice snuggie, right on!

  7. What a cool trip! Love the outfit, snacks are looking good too x x

  8. YUUUMMM GIRL! Stop teasing us with all the veggie dogs, hummus lovin', TAMALES (!!!), cereal bowls and apple shots.

    A snackplate of apples + pretzels + dark chocolate is definitely a go-to for me most nights! And the groceries...LOVE. Those wraps are a fun change up from the original! Supa good flavor!

    And I really liked your tutorial! hahaha love ya girl!

  9. Jess! Oh gurl, I'm all about those wraps. Throw some tofutti cream cheese, peanut butter or hummus in them and I am one happy camper.

    Can't wait for your next post boo, Love you!