New Love and True Love.

Ey bay bay's. It's the weekend... can i get an AMEN!

Technically my weekend started last night, for this sweet tooth does not have class on Friday. I had a roomie din din, which involved one too many PBR's (only the finest). After this, there miiiight have been a few wine bottles cracked. My intentions did not begin in having wild Thursday outing, however before I knew it  I was chatting it up at the bars. Oh college.

I woke up today at 1pm with a splitting headache. This never happens. First, I usually don't get hangovers. Second, I NEVER sleep in this late. On the weekdays I wake up from 5:45am to 6:15am, strange indeed. Anyvays, after hitting up the gym, I felt much better. Just had to sweat out those toxins! Which I'm sure everyone around me loved, minor details though.

On to the goods.

 A recent discovery. I realize I'm a late hopping on this band wagon.

This little devil has entered my house and found...
it's mate.

Cause lord knows apples are not sweet enough on their own.

Hello, food porn.

A vegan tamale, pan fried tofu dog, squash n' black beans and hummus. Damn tasty.

With a side of this.

 I am obsessed with shrooms, and the balsamic vinegar didn't hurt one bit.

New love, brussels sprouts.

Baked brussels sprouts, whole wheat wrap with black beans, hummus and a tofu dog doused in hot sauce n' mustard.

This never gets old.

Brussels sprouts may be my new love, but cereal is my true love.

I had this little gem after working out today.

Little fact, I pour salt and hot sauce on urverythang savory.

Nothing is complete with out a sweet treat.

Multi-grain cheerios, pb and chocolate chips.

I'm staying in tonight and watching the Best Thing I Ever Ate highlighting 'chocolate' and 'sugar rush'. Oh Food Network, how i love thee. Crazy Friday night, it's how i roll.

Well boo faces, I hope your weekend is amazing. Single or taken, have a ballin' Valentines day :)


  1. Hi! I know, sweating the toxins feels so good! It's like farting. No Im serious! :) Anyway, your eats are yummmmy, you really are the Sweet tooth Queen, Ive never saw anyone making their apples more sweet, lol. Love the cereal messes, which kind is it? Kashi?

  2. I don't get hangovers/sleep late either! Sounds like you had a fun night, though. The gym always helps me feel better! Um, and thank God I finally discovered someone else who puts Truvia on their cinnamon apples. You're not the only one!

  3. The title of your blog made me know right away that your my type of gal ;) haha...sweet teeth UNITE!

    All of your eats look divine. There's really nothing better than a big bowl of cereal, no doubt.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll definitely be following yours =)

  4. hey!
    i just came across your blog and i can't wait to keep reading!
    i would love it if you could check out mine and follow :)

  5. Shooo I totes forgot to respond when you commented on my blog, but you should def post your 'fits if you want! I'd love it, and I bet you have better style than I do. :D

    Oh sugar, how I'd love to snack with theeee. Love, love, love all the food hurr. I'm with you on the cereal thang. It cannot be helped, this relationship with cereal.

    Hope your weekend was fab! Love you, boo!

  6. hey thanks for checking out my blog! :) loveeee the pic at the top of yours, so scrumptious. omg i'm a total truvia addict, watch out! haha. vegan tamale? hook it up girl!