oh haaaay!

guess who the eff is back... obviously, my sweet tooth self.
SOOO i've missed blogging way too much!

what's happened since i've been gone...
1. traveled to australia: back packed, met crazy asses, volunteered 5 days a week doing manual labor... who am i? fo' realsie.
2. i have gone back to school. living it up with the homies on the weekends and being stressed out on the weekdays... you know, you know.
3. decided to stop being a lurk on all yo' blogs and start mine again. wassup wassup.

so if anyone's still interested in reading my little ole' blog the next post will be about food, promise! but for right now...

here's a lil' documentation of my AUZ trip.

perfectin' my bill murray-esque skills.

drinking brews the size of my head down under.

beaching it up.

watering plant's in 107 degree heat... while being COMPLETELY normal.

going out with random german's and lovin' it.

being intense, or attempting too.

have a good thursday balla's!
keep it sassy.


  1. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK!!!! I missed you dearly!! You look amaze and so happy in these pics!!! Much love, my dove! xoxoxo

  2. glad you're back!!! :D
    gorgeous photos

  3. you ARE back. life complete now.


    ps...surfing, beer and um backpacking through the tundra? jealzzzzzzzz


  4. Welcome back!!

    I'm in love with that pic, when you are holding your surf...I'm so jealous, I wish I was able to surf, like in the movies :p


  5. Thanks so much for the comment! Your trip looks AMAZING! I've always wanted to go to Australia but I'm 1. poor and 2. incapable of sitting still in an airplane for that long. So jealous though! I love your title and header, by the way...sounds like we have a lot in common, can't wait to keep reading!

  6. yay your back :) I wondered where you went off to!
    oh man thats so cool that you got to go to Australia! i bet that was exciting!

  7. you're back!! yayy!!!! you look bronzed and beautifull--jealous of your aussie adventures, hahaha!!

    hope to hear more about it ASAP!!!! welcome back :) i'm still just lurkin' but may de-lurk and post some foodie pics of oatmeal and snackies vurrry soon. JUST SAYIN' !!!!