tofutti, you be a cutie.

hey hey bossy ladies, i hope your weekend was simply auuhmazing!
why does it have to be monday? monday can suck it. i have a wee bit of school related stress, if you can't tell.

backtracking to happier times... the weekend recap goes a little summin' like this:
- improv class with fellow recreation majors
- working out
- getting brews in the afternoon with good chums
- going to 80's night and dancing my little tush off
- bar hopping with amigos and amigo-ettes
- going on a gorgeous walk, holla for the sun!
- AND homework... you can't win 'em all.

SO i wanted to have a little chit-chat about how i'm going to approach my blog the second time around.
i decided not to document urverything i eat. i tried last time and felt burnt out. that said i REALLY admire all you gorgeous gals who do, on top of living yo lives! amazing.

lets be real though...
i'm blogging because of all of you :) mad love right thur.

on to food, yes?

i have been mildly obsessed this lately.

baked glazed acorn squash zapped in the microwave with sabra hummus and black beans.
bomb ass comfort food.

some more for your viewing pleasure.

half sweet tater and half squash with black beans.

if your feeling snackie i suggest consuming some bowie, with a side of zbar.

 bets believe i threw it in the microwave for extra deliciousness!

another new found joy of mine is this gem.

the local co-op's frozen vegan tamales. they be the the star of this show. just throw some guac, hummus and stacey's pita chips on the side for a "balanced" meal.

or have the same thing the next day BUT add some sweet tater in there for good measure.

HERE my friends is what i really wanted to show you.
look what i got my little slash actually quite large hands on?

oh tofutti cuties, you so dimey.

the first thing i did with these bad boys (well second to eating them straight out of the box) was this...

ta-dah! i've seen concoctions like dis' floating the blog-o-sphere. i can not remember where, but it is GENIUS. the coolness of the wannabe ice cream, mixed with piping hot oatbran then melted almond butter... perfection.

well lovelies i'm off to write a paper, study for a test and get some much needed groceries!

Q: what is your favorite blog inspired food?


  1. I miseed your posts too!! And tamales are the bomb!!

  2. What does acorn squash taste like? I'm a lover of all things squashy, but I've never tried it. Loving the Tofutti oats, though :)

  3. OMG!! My dad and I are obsesssssssed with those vegan tamales (if we're talking about the same ones....) ! We discovered them this summer and buy them every time i'm home! Umm please slather those bad boys in salsa and veg. refried beans for me! Its my fave way to eat 'em (alongside more chips + salsa, maybe even a big ol' salad too of course)!! Plus, toffuti's = my childhood. Need to get them back in ma life!