Fashion-ish Stuff and Bars that Snatch my Dolla Dolla Bills Ya'll!

Hey dolls! I hope your week is going swimmingly. Tomorrow is Thursday, but Thursday is my Friday. Three day week? Um, I'll take it.

* Forewarning, you are about to be bombarded with meager attempts of fashion. 

Ready for this sweet tooth to get all myspace in yo' faces? Yeah, neither I.
Here's a little recap of some weekday outfits... because you know weekends get way more saucy ;).

The prime piece in this outfit you can't see. My Sperry boat shoes! Love 'em.
On another day...
However, it is only complete with this gem:

A crazy eye. Ha! I kid. Mama Coop (and the 70's) get mad respect for the jacket. Actually, for most of my wardrobe.


Too much? Probably. Let me know if I should keep posting zee fits, or if it's incredibly obnoxious. Its cool, I'm down for the bluntness.

Onto brighter prospects other than my wardrobe.

I ordered this on Valentines Day with muh gurls. I could only finish half of it due to drunken adventures the night before. However, not to fret because I love left overs! Really, who doesn't?

Vegan tempeh sandwich with: avocado, vegan mayo, tempeh, cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts. The best part of the meal though, roasted potatoes! At home I added some bbq sauce to the sandwich because it was just a touch dry.

I am a college student, so I eat what's easy. My friends, this is lacking key food groups but it is quick n' delish.

A sliced fuji and almond butter wrap.

Also, I have a weakness for buying fancy sounding bars at grocery stores. It's kind of a problem :/.

Worth it.

This little treasure is something new to me.

I pan fried it in oil then paired it with an old favorite. Oat bran! Mixed in smart ground, hummus (I am in love with melted hummus) and hot sauce.

So satisfying.

Another new bar I had is NuGo Dark, in chocolate chocolate chip flavor.

Holy Moses, I am in love. Wow, I say that a lot. Ti's true though! These things are delicious, and they are vegan! Win, win.

Move over nut butters, (Dramatization: I take it back nut butters!) there is a new addicting wrap in town. What I really wanted to say is new sheriff in town, damn I am cheesy. It involves this gem.

Shoo, I am all about the tofutti products lately. I ain't hatin' it either, ya heard.

Simply spread tofutti cream cheese liberally on your wrap of choice. Add truvia (or other sweetener) plus cinnamon and viola! Thuur you have it.

Auhmaze. Or take away the sugar + cinnamon and add a whole lotta hot sauce. Just as addicting and scrumptious.

Well lovely ladies, that's allz I got. Have a fantastic (and then some) Wednesday eve!

Q: What is everyone's plans for the weekend?


  1. I love my Sperrys too...I get called an old man by my friends, but I have two pairs and they're SO COMFY! I love both the WCM Luna and the NuGo bars!

  2. You are too cute!! Too bad I live in my workout clothes because I'm too lazy :D

  3. I ADORE your style!! I think we may just be long lost best friends ;)

  4. you are the cutest! you should participate in my next FASHION FRIDAY contest - it'll commence next week!

  5. nice outfits! love all your poses/faces, too cute. you'er going snowboarding this weekend? i'm jealous for sure! i've never seen thos nugo bars, i'm intrigued! don't worry about your bar buying habit, i am way addicted too. but lunas are like the cheapest bars out there, so it's ok to stock up on those babies :). WCMN is my fave flavor, yay!

  6. Crazy food combos I like your style lady! x x