SO this is my first foodie post!
Detox you ask? Well basically it refers to the foods i consumed today... for me, trust it was a full body cleanse. The end of the school year put my body in a weird funk. With getting sick, finals, junk food and TOO much alcohol... this girl needs to get back on track! Now living with my parents for the summer (
yay free good food! boo to living in a different city than my friends :( ) I plan on healthying (not a word i know) it up!

Today started off with a lovely
bfast of fruit and almond butta

After this delicious spread I lounged around for about an hour then went on a lil' run outside. Let me tell you, running outside after your used to running on a treadmill is a mighty ass challenge. But oh how i have missed it! After showering and hanging out some more (oh the life of the unemployed... I'm working on it) I had this snackie.

Peanut butter lara bar=love, plus some TJ's nonfat honey yogurt with cinnamon... mmmm.

This was proceeded with cleaning my room and watching Sex and the City. After about two hours i was haannngry again so I had some more TJ's goods.

A block of organic tofu doused with hot sauce and mini peanut butter cups, possibly one of the best things on earth.

I went swimming a little after (another one of the luxury's of living at home is my parents pool) for about a half an hour. Then lied in the sun, because it decided to actually come out today. After showering, round 2 for the day I may have watch some more Sex in the City... it happens. My Brother came home around 6 for the weekend (he lives about half hour away) and we joked around per usual. Then it was time for some din din!
It was delicious if I do say so myself. Salad with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella balls, almond silvers, blueberries, capers, hummus then drizzled with balsamic vinegar. Also I had a slice of TJ's cheese less pizza, muh fav, and a grape leaf with hot sauce.

The rest of the night involved me attempting to learn to play cribbage with the fam, what a joke. And another game I can't even remember... except for the secret signals my brother and I made up, such as blowing an imaginary viking horn. Of course.

I'm ending the night with this little gem (basically bfast ha) and a couple of non pictured handfuls of mini pb cups.

I'm pretty much a bad ass on a Friday night. Getting up early to go hiking tomorrow, so good night!


  1. Oh my god. We are the same person. Okay no, but eats, fo sho. Are you in San Fran by any chance? Because that would be bossy. I LOVED all the pics from the first post, too. Anyway, have a fab Saturday. I'm about to get dressed then get le drink on. I detoxed all week, okay? ;)

  2. Thanks girl! I'd like to think some of those pics highlight my finer moments (eh hem, talking to bums... you know ha!). I hope you had fun going out!! And trust me I am the queen of detox then splurge, only live life once right? :)