Feel That Burn!

For some reason today i rose abnormally early. Perhaps it was the sun gleaming through my window, but 6am on a Saturday is not usually how i roll. My ma, bro and I were leaving around 9:30 to go on a hike. So I consumed my time by listening to a lil' Bon Iver and Ray Lamontagne... start my morn' off right! Here's bfast.

A banana, strawberries, almond butta and my fav kiddies clif bar: chocolate chip. Treated the tummy splendidly.

Soon the three of us were off. The hike was killa! K, so it wasn't that bad but 4 miles uphill... shoooot I felt that BURN! When we reached the top my bro and I climbed up to the peak. Well worth it indeed. Then I busted out the lunchie.

This little guy is hidden in the tin foil wrap in the first pic. Whole wheat wrap with hummus, cherry tomatoes, spinach, taziki sauce, half a block of tofu and hot sauce. Also, I ate a cashew cookie lara bar (yum!). About half the carrots and red bell peppers plus a few cherries not pictured.

The hike back down began in a simple walk, BUT somehow ended up in a full on sprint down the mountain. Seriously my brother treated this hike as his off day workout, for me on the other hand, it was the most I've sweat in a long ass time!

We came home and I was wiped. Took a shower and soon enough it was dinna.

Practically yesterday's din, excluding the egg roll from TJ's (obvi my fav store). But fer reals check out that salad! A thing of beauty.
Right after din I had some more of my CRACK, i mean mini pb cup chocolates... Delicious.

I played a board game with the fam tonight. I swear were not all about bonding over games on a Saturday night... or are we? Ha, well while playing I had a sugar free kozy shack tapioca puddin' and some more pb chocolates, it might be love.

G'night, hope your Saturday night was AAAAMAZING!

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