Lobster face.

Today I woke at 7:20am, man shoot i don't even need an alarm clock anymore! This morn' i was sore as the day is long (what a cheese ball). Seriously my back, thighs and calves were achin. However, bfast cheered me right up :)

Black coffee, TJ's 0% Greek honey yogurt topped with some pb puffins... oh how I've missed thee. Also a banana with cinn and the obligatory almond butta.

Even though my bodies sore I sucked it up and went for a 25 min-ish run . Let me tell you my legs felt like a 1000 pounds running up hills! After, I stretched my limbs and did a few abs. A thing to know about me is i HATE doing abs, honestly I loathe it. The only thing that got me through it was listening to Vampire Weekend.

Bfast held me over for a good four hours then i snacked on this dime piece.
Half a red pepper, mushrooms sliced up, organic TJ's tofu with hot sauce and about 2 table spoons of hummus. OH and of course i followed with this.
Ok I had this multiplied by two :)

I lounged outside soaking up the rays all day long, I also managed to do a couple laps in the pool. And lounge around some more. I know, a feat for mankind. Hence the title lobster face, may have been a little over eager with the sun and a little under eager with the sun screen. Around 4:30 I gots the munchies!

A fig (this is my first fresh fig, and chillld i might be hooked!), a cold white peach and honey graham z bar. Def not as good as the chocolate chip, but i heated this bad boy up in the microwave and it tasted like a gooey cookie!

I soaked up some more ray ray's and then played cribbage with my bro.
Unfortunately I don't have a picture of my din :(

BUUUT it consisted of grilled salmon, a grape leaf with hot sauce, a fig and a salad with tomatoes, blue cheese, almond slivers and hummus.
Also tonight I had another banana with almond butta while watching sex and the city, hey its what i crave. Plus my beloved bowl of cereal.
Pb puffins with TJ's chocolate filled squares (i almost died when i found out these existed) with soy milk. The perfect ending my day :)

Nighty night!


  1. Shoo, you ARE my girl--ending the day with cereal. That's how we do. I'm afraid to buy thsoe chocolate-filled squares though. I honestly know I'll just sit with the box and eat wayyyy too much. Those nutritional stats don't match how much of it I'd like to eat :(

    Anyway, have a fabulous Monday chiquita!

  2. Those TJ's chocolate filled squares sound amazing! I have to look for them the next time I'm there :). Great blog and I hope you have a great day girl!


  3. Hah! Tell me about it, those things are f'n dangerous. I usually mix them with a different cereal... but it never helps cause i just go back for more. It happens :)

  4. Chocolate filled squares?!?!?! ahhhh I neeeeeeed!! PB puffins never seize to amaze me, I eat then urryday, twice a day.

  5. trust, they are THAT good! pb puffins... girrrl pb puffins, those are a main food group.