the weather is amazing, even the birds are bumpin'

atmosphere anyone?

seriously when it is hot n' sunny in seattle there is no place this little lady would rather be... except for maybe bellingham! k, so i know if anyone is ready this blog bellingham probably doesn't ring a bell OH zing! ha, really did i just write that?) but it's the city i go to school at peoples and we all my home gurls and bois are at and i'm going this weekend woooo!
so in honor of this i shall post a few pics of the shanagains we may, or may not, get into.

The roomies at my favorite music festival SASQUATCH!

halloween, acting a fool with bean, rach, guy and clares head.
guy, rach, travi, maria, jacob and moi. i swear guy is not abusive, just sober as a bird.
brother sister house!
another halloween gem. yes we went trick or treating and yes we are 20 years or older... don't judge.
my bestie and i!

someones excited! okay all done :)

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