exactly what my friends and i are, ha!

so this weekend was amazing! i just got back home and shooo this little lady is tired. therefore i'm just going to show you some highlights, in photo form durrr. mind you, only one of them is food. oh and on the food front, this weekend was a hot mess! but tomorrow back on track fo sho.

and let the madness begin.
me, mish and rach. love em'.
sassin' it up. notice the peek a boo of bowie in the back.

wearing a skirt on a trampoline, class. right after this i told rach, "back up back up back up... watch this" did a flip then dealt with the consequences ha!
why so blissful. and you ladies came to see food, but really you got so much more... probably too much info on my life haha!
docta guy fixed it up.
i did eat this, red berry! my first time eating fro yo! gaaahh it is delicious! with graham crackers and reeses peanut butta cups.
went to a bbq by the train tracks and of course had to document.
hair looking a little cracked out.
right after we watched fire works, no idea why i'm grabbing my friend chris' head!
so in pictures i always have to crouch, seriously i've perfected it. my friends are 5 feet and i'm 5' 9", splendid.
me, john n' guy!
hah jesus chris!

too ridiculous of a post??? back to food next... promise!

hope everyone had a balla 4th!


  1. Guy is a dime! Shooo. Honeybunch, I love this post. Come to SF. Check out my latest post. You'll see why you need to be here with le SnackFace and Homegirl. Nothing is too ridiculous to post. I just tell myself, "hell, at least people will laugh." I hope. Have a fabby Monday!

  2. aww looks like you had tons of fun!!
    love the fro-yo :)

  3. hahaha! trouble bubbles! Can I join in?

  4. you are such a jem piece my dear!
    i LOVE that yellow skirt it's adorable!
    and that fro yo...hot dayyyummm!!!
    hope you have a great day tomorrow

  5. sophia you can join anytime :)

    thanks girl. in case you curious, i got the skirt at american apparel kath!

  6. ahahahhahaha I love these pictures! You are an official weekend warrior with that trampoline battle scar. And ummmm reeses on froyo is my FAVORITE. Well maybe just reeses are my favorite. Holla!

    LOVE yo 'fits and raybans!!!!