a sad day.

SO turns out i busted my camera. it is a sad, sad day. how you ask? there may have been a 4th of july wrestling match, apparently my camera was a victim of this battle. i thought i could fix it but alas my tec savvy friend told me to give it a funeral. there's no way to resurrect that bad boy back to life :(.

therefore blogging wise, it has truly cramped my style. i took pictures on the celly of my eats... but they all looked a little pathetic hah! so i don't know if i should keep blogging and just make all ya eyes suffer a little bit or what. but i love reading all your ladies ones!!! and definitely don't want to leave this wondrous place... the land of blog!


  1. sorry to hear about the camera girlie :\ RIP haha

  2. I'm sorry about your camera girl! I hope you get a replacement asap! <3