so it has been far far too long since i've posted. i have missed you all! so basically due to my camera breaking and working at a camp for three weeks i have neglected sharing my adventures and sweet tooth ways, this shame's me.

good news is i jacked my bro's camera, so this lil' lady shall be posting on a regular basis again! woop woop. in case you were curious about what i was up to while working at camp it was mostly this...
harassing counselors n' campers alike, while pretending (or perhaps actually) being a mythological creature.

ANYWAYS... on to yesterday's eats. it was amazing to be able to eat veggies and fruit again! just thinking about it puts a smile to my face. let's just say camp was full of bread slathered in butta, cheese, ice berg lettuce and a plethora of candy.

nectarine slash nectar of the gods with a dash of cinnamon. arnold's sandwich thins with almond butta PLUS the essential un pictured black coffee.

since it is freakishly hot in seattle right now 90's and 100's say whatttt? i ran inside on the treadmill. while at camp i was running on trails so this was quite the switch. i ran 4 miles in 36: 30, then walked on an incline for a half a mile.

i applied for two jobs online then hunger kicked in.
red peppa' dipped in hummus and another nectarine, seriously i love them. then i wanted chocolate of course so i munch on these dime pieces.
trader joe's very chocolate mini meringues and chocolate covered almonds. and then proceeded to double my intake of this by eating an un pictured round two.

then the book i'm reading sucked my eyes to it's pages. it's called a game of thrones... and i highly recommend it in case your interested :)
hunger pains hit yet again so i had this treat.
aronld's thin avec almond butta and tj's organic reduced sugar raspberry jam.

then the pool was summoning my name, so i beckoned. i swam laps for about a half an hour, then had a heart to heart with mama coop. once dinna rolled around salad was the only thing i could think about... weird.
boca burger with ketchup n' mustard, tortilla chips and stacey's pita chips (mostly crumbs). also my beloved salad: spinach, almond slivers, mozzarella balls, fake bacon, capers, hummus and vinegar. delicious.

after dinner i proceeded to read my book on the couch then followed that by taking a nap for a half and hour at 8:30 at night. this heat is getting to me ya'll.

night time snack while watching trashy bravo shows was a massive bowl of cereal.
kashi go lean crunch plus honey sunshine with nectarine slices, (obsessed much?) raspberries, cinnamon and soy milk. bowl full of carbs is the perfect way to end my nights :)

anyways i hope all you ladies have a lovely day!


  1. welcome back welcome back! looks like camp was SO fun! hope you have a great day today!
    p.s. i love me some cereal before bed holla :)!

  2. Yay I'm so glad your back!! Looks like you had fun! And there's too many of my favorite things in this post.. bocas, salads, and peanut butter!

  3. YAY! I'm glad you're back! And haha, I'm jacking my bro's camera too these days because my own is crap!
    I'm glad you had a great time, and having such lovely eats!

  4. yay your back :)
    wow loving all that almond buttery goodness :)

  5. thanks gals! i'm glad i'm back too :) i LOVE reading all your ladies blogs!