love me some vitamin d!

so basically i woke at 7 planning to go on a lil' a.m. run... still has not happened. instead i'm drinking coffee, lurking online, basically living the dream. this morning i got myself a dentist appointment... blah. someones real pumped. but on the plus side my whites will get their pearly on!

yesterday was a good day. with my eats, the sun (vitamin d perhaps), just life man... or shall i say woman. it started of with consuming this.
naner with almond butta, a figgy and a handful of pb puffins... cause clearly there a main food group.

i ran on the tread today, it was far too hot outside. i ran 4 miles and then walked a mile on a incline, twas nice and sweaty afterwards. after showering n stuff i snacked.

mushrooms, carrots, block of tofu with hot saucy and a heaping spoonful (or two) o' hummus. then of course these taste buds needed a little summin summin sweet. pb filled cups (all gone :( ) and salted chocolate covered almonds (bomb), and then ate the same amount in the picture a second later.

i had to walk town to our local "mall" ha! if you can call it that. no clothing stores mind you, but i had to send out some mail for muh job at camp. it takes about 45 minutes to walk there and back, let me tell you once i returned i was sweatin! could of been the heat or the fact that i was power walking, okay logically a combination of the two.

awhile later i munch on this lovely treat.
i ate it outside, and since it was hot it made the larabar a tad warm which equals it tasting like a warm peanut butter cookie! yum.

i swam some laps, got my tan on and listened to some jams. around 5ish my belly was asking for some food but i didn't wan dinna yet so i had this.

cottage cheese, tomatoes and hot sauce. looks a little nast, but trust it was good.

at 7 this lady decided it was time to get her dine on.

smoke salmon, a grape leaf and mushrooms. after the pic added taziki (i know i'm spelling this wrong, but i'm too lazy to go look in the fridge and see the correct way) and a huge dollop of hummus. a salad with figs, i also added avocado slices and balsamic vinegar.

i cleaned my room, sent out more job apps, and lounge around. okay, so confession i may have watched mtv real world cancun last night... felt kind of trashy but also secretly enjoyed it. i had this carb fest while destroying my brain cells.
pb puffins with soy milk, half a naner dipped in almond butta, half a chocolate chip clif zbar, some chocolate filled squares and some hidden chocolate covered almonds. hey, this blog is called adventures of a sweet tooth :)

anywho i'm off to eat some breakie, drink some coffee, and go see mr. dentist.
ya'll have a glorious day!


  1. love the giant fungus! good luck at the dentist :)

  2. Hello! I just found your blog and I definitely love it! Especially the dessert platters :D

  3. hee hee! Now I know why you named your blog that...you DO have quite a sweet tooth! All your eats look glorious, though!