oh the midnight munchies

top o' the morn'!

yesterday's eats were pretty standard. started my day off eating healthy then ended up getting snack happy at 12 am, it's how i do.

bfast oh glorious bfast.
black coffee (addict), naner with cinn and a bunch o' almond butta. this might seem like a itty bfast but i wasn't doing anything active till later so it held me off fine for a couple of hours.

what did i do next? job hunt! lovely :/. so i go to work as a staff member at a camp in a week, but i'm back for the whole month of august and beyond so homegirl needs one... cause this stir crazy shit has to go.

bfast round 2 around 12.
bfast cookie mashed with half banana and cinn, almond butta on top and the rest of the naner. what can i say my taste buds know what they like!

i ran for 30 min today, but then my legs were not havin it. weak sauce. that hike on saturday is still crampin muh style.

later i had this.
the last 0% greek yogurt, i shall mourn your loss. plus a sprinkle of deliciousness with kashi golean crunch and pb puffins.

i swam laps today for about 30 min ish, and by swimming i mean doing some laps then playing with floaty toys.

since i was neglecting my veggies all day i knew dinna had to make up for this deficit.

1 tj's egg roll with taziki sauce and hot sauce. carrots, mushrooms, 1/4 avocado, hummus a fig and a dollop of almond butta.
right after i had this, true love.
mini pb cups, plus a second handful.

later my parents and i watched the women. it was meh, parts of it annoyed me but overall i suppose it was about sisterhood. power to my peoples! while watching i munched on a heated up honey graham zbar.
plus a bowl of pb puffins and tjs deadly chocolate filled cereal... seriously get out of my cupboard!

also i got munchie (bored) around 12am... perfect time to feast right? had myself another bowl of cereal and a almond butta wrap. but whateva sometimes you just need to midnight eat ya know?!

right now i'm sippin on black coffee, still not hungry (so maybe there is consequences to eating late, ha!) and about to begin my day!

enjoy your day ladies!

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  1. See, I know that damn chocolate-filled cereal would be bad news in my house! I love the midnight munchies. You're right; sometimes it's just gotta happen!

    Um, the swimming thing--absolutely killed me. And I just saw all the partying pics. Please come to SF.