shroom lovin'

no, not the drug. i have a strange addiction to mushrooms, especially dipped in hummus... i don't know when this began nor do i currr, cause they damn good!

anyways before the dentist i ate this treasure of a bfast.

naner, blueberries, handful of puffins, half a chocolate chip zbar, a dollop of almond butta and my lover black coffee.

then i went to go get muh teeth all sparkling n' white. upon returning i decided to try something new that i've seen lurking around blog land. green smoothie!
frozen naner, one cup plain soy milk, a heaping spoonful of almond butta and two handfuls of spinach. it was delicous! usually i'm a solid food kind of gal, just cause i feel like i'm getting jipped if i drink a liquid meal but it kept me nice and full for a couple of hours.

i ran 4.5 miles today, then walked half a mile on an incline... balla. after the sweat shesh i soaked up the sunshine.

lunchie was this beauty.

?two mushrooms n hummus, tofu with hot sauce, a few slices of avocado, rainer cherries (baaamb) and finish it off with two chocolates. perfect :)

i swam laps today for about 30 min too. seriously i love swimming in the summer... and lounging in a pool ;), who doesn't? it makes me miss my job from last year. i was a private swim instructor for 2-5 year olds, i just loved the things that would come out of those little gremlins mouths!

dinna was filling n' delicious.

mushrooms n hummus (surprise), baby carrots, mini mozzarella balls, 1 tj's egg roll with tzatziki (right spelling finally, woop!). also some cherries, 1/2 a naner, blueberries, almond butta and a dark chocolate.

i am officially exhausted at 9:30. mind you i have no true reason to be, i'm just a grandpa trapped in a 20 year old body.
tomorrow morn' i leave for bellingham to visit my friends, yayer!

edited to add: last night i also scarfed down a bowl of pb puffins plus tj's coco filled squares. also i had a honey graham zbar heated up and some chocolate chips. gotta cure that sweet tooth.

oh and this lovely friday morn' i woke up and went on a short 15 min run outside... cause exercising this weekend... that shiat is going out the window! :)

enjoy your 4th ladies!


  1. LOVE mushrooms & hummus! such a fab combo! have fun visiting the homies.. and WOW i say "yayer" so much, i think me reading your blog was meant to be!

  2. mushrooms and hummus? Never tried that. But I'll bet it tasted good!
    9:30? haha, that is the time I eat dinner!

  3. I love all your dessert platters.. especially the nut butter!