road trip... to hell.

what up lovelies! so i thought today was going to be a cool one here in the north west, but alas the morning clouds tricked me. but shoo i LOVE sunny weather and i am learning to embrace this 90 degree heat wave. this ladies ideal temperature is 75-80 degrees with a slight breeze, ahhh bliss.

anyways bfast did not disappoint my taste buds.
i had about 3 cups o' joy and this lovely platter. blueberries, half a naner, a fig, some pb puffins and of course almond butta.

i decided to go on a run outside because i thought, THOUGHT, it wouldn't be too hot. plus, running on a treadmill gets old quickly. i went for about a 30 minute sweaty ass run... and it was wonderful. then once getting back i hopped in mama c. and papa l's pool and swam some laps. perfect way to start the day.

damn the tummy was hungry after this.
shroom's and hummus. plus tj's 0% honey greek yogurt with blueberries and kashi go lean crunch mixed in. ALSO i had a large handful of tj's mini pb cups.

i showered and got ready cause my ma and i were headed to the mall. she needed to return something and i was getting new flippy floppies! holla.
cute, say no?

after she dropped me off in ballard because i promised my bro i'd drive with him down to no man's land washington so he could get weighed. for what you ask? well bro ho is doing a strong man competition tomorrow and he had to be under 200 lbeezies. therefore he basically didn't eat for two days... he was shaking. i did not approve. it took forever, damn seattle traffic, getting lost and it was a f*cking sauna in his pleather seated non air conditioned truck. heaven on earth, truly. well, he made weight and the drive home was much more pleasant. we stopped at a grocery store and he consumed probably 3,000 calories on the ride home.

i however stuck to the trusty stand by.
cashew larabar, pictured after i scarfed it down.

once getting home i was literally starving. i was going to make an elaborate meal but i truly could not function if i didn't get food in my system. so i ate something fast n' easy.
pink lady apple with cinnamon, a fig and mushrooms and hummus. plus la tortilla factory wrap with almond butta... and then i consumed another one right after, surprise.

i read on the couch for a wee bit, then cleaned my room and settled in to watch some late night tv. then i started out with this harmless bowl of cereal and blueberries.
howevvvver it turned out not so harmless when i went back for two more bowls. with puffins and kashi go lean crunch. maybe i did not take in enough calories through out the day or yesterday but i devored those huge bowls... and then had a tummy ache :(. i suppose serves me right ha!

so i'm off to my bro's strong man competition today ahah! i let you know how it goes. have a bangin' saturday dolls!


  1. Holy shit, I can't believe your broskie is doin his thang right now! That's incredible. And not eating for two days? Freaks my shit out.

    This is going to sound odd, but I love the way you eat. Like, the snack plates, smaller meals, it's my ideal, too! AND I do that damn cereal thing almost every single night. I'm trying to cut back, because, I too, get the tum ache from too much sometimes. But then i just go to sleep, so I guess it don't matta.

    I hope you're having a fab day, sweetcheeks!

  2. oh my god...he ddn't eat for two days? That's crazy! I hope he did well though! Please let us know!

  3. kailey, why are we on the same wave length? i don't know but i dig it. i totally just pass out too, food coma? haha!

  4. im pretty sure we eat the same foods. lol..thanks for the sweet comment! august sounds like a blast for you! wait, is it august already? omg, damnit! summer must stay here forever!