in the glorious month of august

in his 1st strong man competition the broho placed 2nd in his men's lightweight division, woop woop! he was only down 2 points from 1st... not too shabby.
that is him, pulling a bus. average saturday.

ANYWHO this post i shall share the reason's i am excited for august.

things i am PUMPED for...

1. canada: next weekend i'm going to vancouver to celebrate my friend guy's little sis bday... cause she can legally drink there.

2. getting a tattoo!

3. turning 21: august 23rd. shit it's about time!

4. new york: i'm going with my two besties. were staying with my cousin who lives downtown, yayer!

august has always been my favvvvorite month. so to celebrate my happiness, i'm devoting this post to august of yore's.

lets start two years ago... august 2007.
i went to europe!
my 1st legal beer in london.

yeah yeah, typical shot... whatevs.
while in rome. possibly my favorite photo i've ever taken.
true to style, sippin' on some vino at the villa we stayed at.
at the adriatic sea with mama coop.
in our italian villa, these little kids were scottish and they lived next door. i wish you could see it... the littlest one is cupping his hand while discretely flipping the camera off. i've never heard so many fbombs for a 6 and 8 year old in my life. amazing.
in florence, eating pistachio gelato... OH how i miss thee.

ireland, pretty explanatory. damn tourist.

19th bday
truly i didn't do anything too exciting this bday, i wasn't quite the wild child i have become ;)

august 2008. i had an identity crisis and went blond.

victoria! i went there to visit my friends from my first year of college, or as the canucks say university.
soy latte plus gelato at 9am, always a good idea.
bar hoppin'
beach loungin'

for my 20th bday 3 of my closest friends helped me make poor choices!
matching cocktails :)


da crew.
don't worry, i'm wearing panties! i have a serious problem with talking to strange homeless men.

being way too sassy for our own good.

i hope you enjoyed this post, tad ridiculous. but twas bored slash was reminiscing and thought i share with all of you:)

peace son.


  1. wow girl! you sure have been living life! I wish I had as much adventure as you...and I'm almost 22!

  2. I hope you have a rocking 21st birthday girlie! thats so exciting!
    have fun in NYC too!

  3. Love the post! Such fun pictures! Have a wonderful birthday!