food vs. booze.

the victor of the weekend battle goes to booze. therefore, the body's craving some green's man! no more greasy burritos to cure my hang overs! ha, so classy.
however, shall i back track?

thursday i took the gray limousine, i mean greyhound, to the lovely city of bellingham. it was a chill night, hung out with the homies. you know, had a serious laughing attack imagining people with cat bodies and human heads. if that doesn't weird you out we'd probably be friends. just saying.

friday i went to canada!! celebrating my friend's little sister's bday, more on that later. then saturday i kicked it in bellingham again, hanging out with my fellow recreation majors... both nights mind you i didn't get to bed till 5:30-6:00 am. what can i say i am a solider.

today i was still in recovery mode. i didn't wake up till 11am and didn't actually do anything productive till 3... what can you do.

anyways here is what i broke my fast with.

kashi go lean crunch cereal avec almond milk. 2 figs diced up dashed with cinnamon and a light laughing cow wedge. also, half a flat out wrap with almond butta.

i lounged, read, lurked on the computer and then finally decided to get my ass up and run. i ran slashed walked 5.8 miles while watching my best friends girl on the treadmill. it felt good to run after doing nothing active (unless you count drunk dancing) all weekend.

while cleaning my room i made this concoction.
1 frozen banana, handful of spinach, 1/2 cup whole milk, 1/2 cup of h2o, a big ole scoop of almond butta, pumpkin spice and of course cinnamon.

also i had this gem.
mejool date with almond butta. sheesh, at times i have 5 plus tablespoons of that stuff a day.

on to dinna around 7:30pm... prime eating.

salad: spinach, mini mozzarella balls, garbanzo beans, sliced fig and avocado plus i drizzled balsamic vinegar on top. also i had tofu diced up and dipped in tzatziki sauce and mushrooms dipped in hummus. bomb.

OH and chocolate is definitely in the works tonight...

i only took pictures friday while abroad (ha! if an hour from the border counts). i shall share a few that are not border line offensive or too ridiculous...

the crew.

the bestie!
guy is eyeing some fellow that may, or may not have been checking out his sister. the situation is still unclear.

so at this point the three of us lost (or they got too drunk and wander off) everyone else. so we said eff that! got our cover paid and drinks paid for by some random while some how managing to get in VIP... hahaha!

i was going to cry if another drink was graciously put in my hand by the bartender or paid for by a stranger. needless to say i powered through.

this is the taxi driver that took us home. also known as the crazy ass who gave us a terrifying lecture. i thought we were homies, i was wrong. either he didn't appreciate his picture being taken or the (delightful) sounds of our voices. he turned around and told us "ENOUGH! ENOUGH OF YOUR BULLSHIT!!!" i feared for my life a little.

we ended up getting out of the cab alive and mossing over to mcdonald's. trust, homegirl never eats there... in a clear state of mind that is. apparently they don't serve mcflurrie's at 5am and were out of chocolate chip cookies... i proceeded to get a little sassy. asking for the manager and being flabbergasted that such a fine and classy establishment, such as mcdonald's would not cater to my needs. but i settled for a chocolate chip muffin and chocolate milk.

SO now that i embarrassed myself with the details of my ridiculous behavior i bid you all a good night, and lovely morrow!

oh and booze may have won the weekend battle, but quality food shall be the victor this week my friends.


  1. oh wow going to canada sounds like tons of fun!! I bet you had a blast.

    totally loving the green monster - it looks so pretty :)

  2. Um, I pretty much am in love with this post/you. We are the same person, essentially. Aside from the drankin and dancing, I also throw all my usual good eating intentions out the door after a few. I'm a good vegan normally, but I can't guarantee anything past midnight on the weekends. Oops.

    Glad you're back safely and ready to veg up the week! I'm tellin' ya, the smoothies are the easiest way to get 'em in! And huge salads, obvs.

  3. cuuuuute photos!!! looks like some seriously good times. i often ponder food/booze/food/booze and depending on the day of the week...well you know! i wish i could go to canada. i am not allowed into that country after getting deported from there in 07. bah. BUT glad you had a raging good time my dear!!!

  4. Sounds like a fun weekend! ;)

    I'm right with you on the 5+ tablespoons of nut butter a day.. oh well it's good for you right??

    And that breakfast looks amazing! Nut butter, wraps, cereal all in one meal?? count me in!