what's with the post title, no clue. it's the first word that came to my mind... in some circles i'm known as a creative genius. ha!
let us travel back in time to yesteryore. (oh how i wish that was a word).

9am breakie.
1 tortilla factory wrap, with inside fillin' of ab plus a banana with cinnamon.

i ran 4.5 miles then walked on an incline for half a mile. i wanted to continue the two day trend of doing 6 miles plus, but homegirl's body was not feeling it.

then throughout the afternoon, snacking got all up in my face.
starting around 1pm i had this new delight.
5 tofurky hickory slices spread with 1 light laughing cow cheese. i rolled these beauts up then dipped them in hot sauce... baaaamb.

then i went to the mailbox and saw i got two new trueblood dvd's! these are seriously dangerous... i will watch episodes nonstop when i get addicted to a show. so even though the weather was amazing and birds were bumpin', i had to watch it. it was a life or death situation.
while watching 1 episode i had this dime.
tj's mini pb cups.

then around 3pm i was hungry again so i had this s.o.b... whhaa?
tj's 0% greek honey yogurt with pumpkin pie spice and cinnamon. also, half of a peanut butter clif bar.

lied out in the sun, shoo gots to get my tan on. then went swimming for a mere 15 minutes. it was actually kind of hard! i haven't swam in awhile, i think my body was confused on what i was doing to it.

i watched another trueblood episode, surprise.
at 5pm i had the other half of the clif bar.

then at 6pm i went for a neighborhood stroll. it was amazing! seriously sometimes i prefer walking way more to running! plus you can work up a sweat too.

dinna was a boss.
sweet potato fries, 2 blocks of fried tofu, ketchup, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes plus hummus n' tzatziki sauce for dippin'. and of course a wrap (sorry i am so damn repetitive!), this time however i put better n'pb with a baby spoonful of almond butta.

cleaned up my room... to the best of my ability. then popped in the trueblood, seriously it is a problem. i polished off 3 episodes during the night... than means 5 all day... that mean 5 hours of my life was dedicated to TV, sad panda.

while watching the show i had a big ole bowl of pb puffins and almond milk. also, a handful of tj's mini pb cups. i can't fight the night snacking... might as well accept it.

well m'ladies, keep your day saucy. it's almost the weekend, holla!


  1. hey girl heyyy. i just found your blog thorough kailey's and I LURVVV IT. there is not much better in life than some pb puffins, almond butter and tj's mini pb cups. so bossy.

  2. Omg I looove those PB cups!!!

  3. I don't mind the repetativeness of the almond butter wrap.. hey I eat sweet potatoes with pb almost everyday! I can't help it!

    Sometimes a little tv is just what we need! I've been known to watch Lifetime movies for hours on end.. sad I know!

  4. Yo. I am ALL about watching good series on DVDs for hours on end. That's how to do tha damn thang. I get so involved with the characters and the storyline that way. I even get sad when it's over.

    OMG I've been eating that same 'Furky with soy cheese! Craze.

    I'm 100% behind night time snacking. Like, I can't stop it, so why try?

    Saucy is a killer word. Very Shakespearean. Hope your Thursday is lovely!

  5. are you caught up on true blood? it is so gnarly! i have been watching dexter season 3 back to back and it is bad for me. or at least for my sleep patterns. saucy rhymes with bossy and that is what your dinner was so it is all gravy. or sauce.

  6. oh man, true blood is the most addictive show of life!! it took me less than a week to finish the first season and now i'm caught up on season two.
    speaking from experience, don't rush when watching the episodes on DVD!!!!! you're so lucky you have back-to-back-to-back episodes, when you're caught up it'll drive you mental having to wait an entire week for a new one.
    ps. your tofurky cheese creations look amazing.

  7. ahahha shakespearean. it's what i was going for woman!

    janetha- i still have two more episodes left of the 1st season! stuffs intense. oh and i've watched dexter the first season earlier this summer... in one day. sick. aha!

    ashley- i'm already going mental waiting for damn netflix to send me the other episodes, sooo addictive!