fantasy nerd!

it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood (shout out to mr.rogers and his sweater's, heeey).
i woke up craving something cool, so what better to cure it than a yogurt mess...

1 tj's 0% greek honey yogurt mixed with cinnamon n' pumpkin spice. 1/2 a banana, small handfuls of pb puffins and kashi heart to heart plus my boo almond butta.

i finished my book a clash of kings, now on to the 3rd book in the series a storm of swords... wow i am a nerd.
mmmk, so afta that i hoped on the treadmill and pounded out 5 miles in 45:16. this might be no thang to some but shoot, that's fast for this woman right hur. then i finished off another 1.5 miles alternating walking on an incline and a slow jog. needless to say i was dripping with sweat by the time i was finished.

around 1:30 i was ready for some grub.
why hello.
5 slices of hickory smoked flavored tofurky, inside is a light laughing cow cheese wedge... ti's delightful. some cherry tomatoes and a chocolate brownie zbar for some real nutrition.

then i decided to have another clif bar product... um probably not the best meal option.
but here she is.
chocolate chip peanut butta flavor.

i got some sun in, read my book and cleaned the kitchen. then went for a little dip in the pool, swam for about 10-15 min? who knows really, i never swim for very long but i love how relaxed i feel after. mmmhhmmm.

around 5pm, i ate this while watching the last episode of true blood i have. that is until i order the last disc of the 1st season. i see a bunch of you ladies are fans as well! damn good riggght?
3 sliced mushrooms dipped in hummus. cashews, sometimes with all the nut butter i consume i forget my love of plain ole nuts. and who would i be if there wasn't something sweet? 1 tj's 100 calorie milk chocolate bar.

around 6pm, i went on a walk slash run around the neighborhood. it felt glorious.

dinna was unpictured. it was a almond butta wrap (surprise in ya eyesss), sweet potato fries with ketchup and corn on the cob! i forgot how much i love corn on the cob.

around 10pm, snack plate shortay.
banana with cinnamon, pb puffins and mini pb cups delish.
to wash it all down.
almond milk.

i couldn't fall asleep SO the logical conclusion i drew up was to eat, ha! i had a small bowl of a cereal mix (pb puffins, kashi heart to heart and costco's spiced pecan)... my name is tessa and i'm indecisive.

well doll faces, its raining here in seatown :(. not okay cause i'm having a pool fiesta for my 21st bday tomorrow... this weather betta get its act together QUICK.
so since its not sunny here i hope it is beautiful wherever ya be!


  1. Everything looks delicious but my dear.. you really need to try your sweet potato fries dipped in peanut butter!! your killing me!! ;)

    And great job on the run! I can't even run 5 miles so I think that 45 minutes is a dang good time!

  2. digging all the interactive snacky plates going on. hooray for TB! i watch it online though, i don't pay for my entertainment :) HOLLER AT THE WEEKEND! oh and wait, you live in seattle? i will be there in less than one month.

  3. The weather is crummy here up in vancouver! It looks like is been going to rain all day - no bueno! Lovin' all the chocolate - I wish we had a tj's up here. I'm defs going to pick up that book before I head to Italy!

  4. It IS beautiful here in LA! No rain, just sun sun sun and cooling breeze! Perfect fall weather! Except it doesn't give way to winter, YAY!


  5. Sooooo i just saw that "labyrinth" is your favorite movie in the about me section. Ummmm, HELLO! I've probably been obsessed with that movie since I was a 5 year old. But after watching it a year or so ago, I was seriously disturbed....but still in love. :)

    ps. now that i'm back at school i'm seriouslyyy missin' my tofurkey slices and yogurt messes. Thanks for the reminder! ;)