fro yo is my lover.

what up m'ladies!

upon rising yesterday i had this breakie, or the ole' stand by platter.
uno naner, 2 figs, some pb puffins and homegirl's crack.

i ran on the tread 4 miles in 41 min's then walked another 1.2 miles on an incline. i actually did abs and lunges today... this is a rare occurrence but i gasp actually kind of enjoyed it.

i worked on my application for australia. aussi what you ask? so i was going to study abroad fall quarter in greece. i had every thing approved except for the damn ridiculous tuition they were asking. it was going to cost about 16,000 plus as the extra shit i would spend while there... for one quarter. what the fur? my income is not that expansive plus my parents weren't too keen on taking out loans. SO instead i'm taking a quarter off and volunteering for conservation work in aussi!!!

when hunger hit i mange on this.

la tortilla whole wheat wrap with what else, almond butta. tj's 0% greek honey yogurt, also a figgy is hidden in there and some kashi go lean crunch.

and then i had m&m's, why did i eat these? i didn't even want them. shoo, fail.

i walked down to our local mall with mama coop, she had to deposit some checks and i needed to get some naners, because i'm out... and homegirl needs her bananas like crack addicts need there pipe. when down there mother dearest treated me to a latte... ok maybe it's just me but sometimes i seriously hate starbucks. basically it was a glass of soy milk and kind of grossed me out. but child does not waste. here is a lovely empty container shot.

tall decaf soy latte.

i read my book, then when out with my girl mish to catch up and get some fro yo. love! i could live on this stuff. good thing i'm broke and have no car, otherwise it might become a problem.

to continue on the trend of empty containers... i present you red mango. so i'm a cheap ass and brought my own toppings. blueberries and kashi honey sunshine. plus i actually shelled out and got some white chocolate chips on it.

after chillin and chatting i got dropped off at home. then decided to eat some real food yo.

1/2 block of tofu with hot sauce, 1 egg roll dipped in tazatziki sauce and mushrooms dipped in hummus.

i finished my book! usually i feel a deep pang of depression when i close the back cover, but alas it is a series. holla. i watched some tv... nyc prep? guilty.

then munch on these dime pieces.

slice of pumpkin scone the pops bought and a bowl of delight. kashi honey sunshine cereal plus kirkland's (yup, costco reppin') spiced pecan.

i also had another bowl of cereal and some chocolate.

so lately i have not been eating enough veggies... sweet tooth's goal is to amp up the intake. plus i've been eating a lot at night, never good. therefore i'm going to try and eat less in the wee hours.

i hope ya ladies hump day is going splendid!
OH and quick question... how do you make a blog roll? i know i only have a few readers but i'm still curious as to how to make one!


  1. i loooove red mango! working in aus would be the bees knees! i was going to move there for school once. i went to jail instead. woops. good luck with the veg consumption!

  2. jigga say wha? girl you are bad ass. and red mango is the shit!

  3. Ahh, your blog is adorable and we definitely have similar taste in FOOD! Thanks for de-lurking! :)

    That header pic is making me craveeeee fro yo, BAD. Not bad as in oh no frozen yogurt, but bad as in....i NEED some, asap!

    Lovin' all the tofu, that breakfast platter, and the soy latte!

  4. I'm not sure about blogspot, but I can tell you how with wordpress. hint, hint.
    Oh man, I ADORE red mango. I have one right in my school campus! I might ask to work there part-time...hee hee!

  5. red mango fro yo is amazing :) I have only been there once but it was totally love at first bite! haha

    ohh good luck with studying in australia!!