gem of a day.

top o the morn to you!
right now i'm sippin' leisurely on some black coffee, getting ready to enjoy a beaut of a day.
let the recap of yesterday begin...

bfast t'was a bfast cookie, my long lost lover.
1/2 cup of oats mixed with water, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder popped in the fridge ova night. then i topped it with a delightful spoonful of almond butta.

i ran 6 miles then walked a mile on an incline. after i worked on my essay for aussi... this application is never ending. fa reals.

then around 2 i had favorite of mine.
tj's 0% greek honey yogurt with a half a chocolate chip clif bar added to the mix. ummm cookie dough bites anyone?
i guess i was feeling the clif bar cause i went back for the second half.
awkward hand shot and joy.

after working on my application some more and doing some random ass other things it was already 5. time for another snack? indeed.

1/2 block of tj's baked tofu, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and hummus for muh dippin'.

i went to go run errands the the madre, and while out i got a cute new swimsuit top! holla. i shall wear it for my bday bash i'm having saturday!!! wooo almost 21!

dinna was around 8, kind of my idea of a perfect meal...
sweet potato fries! yum. another tj's yogurt topped with kashi heart to heart for some crunch. and my true addiction almond butta wrap.

i went on a walksie after this, cause welp i felt like it. clears the head ya'll.
my night time dessert plate, it's something i look forward to allll day.
1/2 a naner, 1 fig, spoonful of better n'pb (thanks miss kailey for the reminder about this dime piece right huur!), pb puffins AND tj's mini pb cups :)

well ladies this post was short, but i thought i'd spare you considering my last post was a bit epic.
have a ballin' day!


  1. I'm in awe of you running 6 miles! I'm proud of my 2 milers.. when I get around to them! lol

  2. love the mondo mushrooms! props on the 6 miles. your snacky dessert plate rocks my face off!

  3. I looooves yo blog! I defs creeped it a bit you went to vancouver!! Thats where I live!! I like you that much more for coming here haha. You are now an official member of my google reader=) BTW how do you like the Clash of kings books.. I'm thinking of reading the series soon?

  4. Hey! I just found your blog and I love it. That greek yogurt and cliff bar sounds bomb!!! I also love how you add soymilk to your oats. Sounds delish. Can't wait to continue reading!!!

  5. I just found you on snackface, and I love your blog. Love it.

    Adding you on google reader NOW!

  6. thanks for stopping by ladies! i fo sho check out all your blogs :)