cereal is crack, and this girl is going to rehab.

good morn' senoritas!
so yesterday my aunt and her friend flew in from the great ole state of minnEsotA (i hope you know that was said in my best minnesotan accent, i practice it on a frequent basis). that meant helping my ma clean n' shiat.

but before the scurrying of cleaning my house began, i had this treasure.
raspberrUies, blueberries, 1 sliced fig, kashi go lean crunch plus my trusty steed almond butta.

(side note: i decided that perhaps if i have cereal in the morning, this might curb my craving to be munching on it at night, fool prof plan right?)

then i hopped on the treadmill and ran 4miles. afta showering chilad gots to cleaning. let me tell you, i have never seen my room so spotless... i might have to go in there right now and document proof that i do in fact have floors.

i had breakie at 10am and some how hunger did not strike till 2:30, this is blasphemy.
half red pepper, 4 mushrooms, block of tofu, about 2 tablespoons hummus.

and then of course the taste buds were calling for this...
2 pieces of heresy extra dark chocolate.

i went on a walk around the neighborhood. kind of random, but homegirl needed to feel the fresh air caress her face. then read a little, soon after the out-of-townee's came!
my "aunt", well i consider her my aunt, and her feisty friend jene came. so my aunt is through marriage, but my beloved, crazy, jester uncle sadly passed away a couple months ago. this weekend were going to the san juan island to celebrate his life and spread his ashes.

dinna was a dime piece.
salad: spinach, garbanzo beans, mini mozzarella balls, 1 fig, little bit o' tofu, red pepper dip, balsamic vinegar plus i added a dollop of hummus. also i had a flat out wrap with my personal drug of choice... almond butter.
while watching some quality television... ehem E!... i had another two pieces of chocolate.

i got bored and walked on the treadmill 2 miles, watching some more tube. after that i relaxed, read and munch on fake ice cream.
vanilla skinny cow.

i can honestly say this is all i ate yesterday. usually a midnight bowl of cereal sneaks its way in my mouth, but the of morning cereal plan worked. success.

well doll faces enjoy your day!


  1. your dinner is shouting out to me. it wants me to eat it. looks divine. ohh it has been so hard for me to resist cereal. i havent had a bowl since.. saturday i think. crazy!

  2. glad your morning cereal fix worked!
    And I love that you added that extra fig into your salad. Nom nom!