hey homes.

i woke up yesterday morn' far later than usual. who knows why, perhaps my body just needed some rest. but truly, what from? ha! this woman still does not have a job, so clearly it's not from that.
but on the up side, i quite possibly have an offer to nanny some chillin's SO hopefully it works out.

bfast at the prime time of 11am
naner, pb puffins, a mejool date with half a light laughing cow cheese wedge and of course almond butta. i beginning to think this blog should have been called adventures of an almond butta crack head.

i blogged surfed, then jumped on the tread to do a little running. i ran 4.5 miles in 41 min's, then walked slashed ran for another 9 min's, leading to a grand total of 5.3 miles in 50 min's. i used to run at a steady 6mph jog, but as of late i've been getting bored so i amp it up a lil'... you know.

when i got hungry i munch on this creation...
i intended to make a smoothie combining 1 frozen banana, blueberries, cinnamon, spinach and then on a whim added a tj's 0% greek honey yogurt instead of soy milk. popped half of it in the freezer and got this. verdict: iiight. it was good but i don't know if i like the yogurt taste. in fact i think i fancy soy milk and almond butta in my smoothie's MUCH more.

still feeling my tummy rumbling i headed for the fridge.
half a block of tofu, a medjool date with the other half of cheese from the morn'.

i swam and read my book, almost done with my nearly 900 pager! good thing it's a series cause shit is getting INTENSE.

hello beautiful.

la tortilla whole wheat wrap with almond butta.

then i cleaned the kitchen because it looked like a tornado had straight up sabotaged it. fun fact: i am a messy person. straight up. i don't have organizational skills for the life of me. but one thing i can not stand is a dirty kitchen. it makes me shutter.

while watching E news and the daily 10, (so classy) i ate my din.
1/2 block of tofu, one boca burger smeared with ketchup n' mustard. mushrooms dipped in hummus plus two figs and a light laughing cow cheese wedge sprinkled to perfection with cinnamon.

after dinner i went on a 15 minute walk on the tread, out of sheer boredom. also, i did some laundry and attempted to tidy up my room while watching a re-run of gossip girl... another class show.
THEN snack attack hit.
pb puffins mixed with almond and soy milk. luckily i only stuck to one bowl, a small feat for most but a huge effing leap for this sweet tooth.

while reading my book, a game of thrones, i munched on chocolate.... the joy of my life.
tj's mini pb cups, and a few of annie's chocolate bunnies.

after continuing the adventure of my paper back i passed out.

today i got a frozen yogurt date with my homegirl mish, yayer!
so m'dears i hope all your days are balla!


  1. loving all the snacky goodness! never thought to pair LCL with dates~i bet that is a nice combo. 900 pager? whew, don't wear yourself out!! that is a long one (TWSS)

  2. I love the way you eat! so random but so good right??

    I've never thought to add laughing cow to a date! Hmm.. it sounds good actually!

  3. Gahhh why don't I have any good chocolate in this house?! It's all I want right now after reading yo post. Thanks bunches!

    A day of running, eating, swimming, running, reading sounds FAB to me. Love it!

  4. oh my that wrap smeared with almond butter looks so delicious :D