what up mamacita's!
guess who turned 21 today, hollllllla.

so yesterday i had a little bbq fiesta with muh homez to ring in the long awaited big 2-1 right. basically we ate, dranky drank and caused a raucous. at 11:30 we taxied downtown to the bars... this is were things get murky :/ haha! we all ended staying up till 5am, woke up and mama coop cooked us a delish hangova cure bfast.

meow here is a little photo recap if you fancy a look in the life of this sweet tooth...
cakes! chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream cake from mama coop and papa l. and my friend made me funfetti cake... best believe i ate both!
ohhh 21.
the besties!
i sassed myself to the bartender, showed my id and told him i should get a birthday shot... damn hussy turned me down. good thing i have good friends to buy me one, well enabling ones at least.
embrace of love...
then hate.
the quote that possibly every stranger that found out it was my 21st was "it's all down hill from here." uhh thanks. well, they may have been on to something. this was the downhill turning point for the night.
but don't worry it wasn't only me...
ahaha! oh chris.

welp my loves, now that i showed you another classy side of me i bid you goodnight!
see you tomorrow for fooood :)


  1. happy birthday tessa! I shall be replicating the last picture in a mere four days when its my birthday! Hopefully the hangover wasn't to bad! Looks like you had a wonderful night/day!

  2. Happy birthday! Wayyyyy to partaaaayyyy!

  3. Happy birthday!! Looks like a fun night! And yummy cakes!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) HA Looks like you had a blast!

  5. happy birthday!!! booze and cake, it doesn't get any better than that :)