oh blogland.

shalom in the home! okay, so i'm not jewish... but often wish i was. it has been too long since i last blogged... whoever would have thought i would miss it? welp shoot son, i did.

last week was crap weather in seattle, what the fur? wasn't diggin' it. this week however the sun is a shining!
ANYWAYS... lets us take a trip down memory lane, to last week.
p.s. this is a long ass post.

wenesday eats.

woke up to the sounds of my tummy rumbling, hopped on ova to the kitchen and had a hardy bfast. unfortunately i failed to capture the glorious eats... but pretty much it was same ole same ole.

1 cup kashi go lean crunch, some blueberries n' strawberries and the secret stash of costco soy milk mama coop was hiding on me. also i had a flat out wrap with almond butta. this bad boy of a meal held homegirlie over for 5 hours... say what?

i ran 6.5 miles, then actually motivated my ass to do crunches as well. for my bday in two weeks happens to be a pool fiesta, and while i don't believe i'll attain a 6 pack in that time, well, a girl can try.

this beaut is something i had near forgotten about. i also happened to spy this gem while lurking on the merry land of blog, holla to janetha!
1/2 cup oats, 1 cup aqua, a poor attempt of a fried egg, a light laughing cow cheese, salt n' peppa and to add a little spice to my life... hot sauce.
PLUS hershey's dark chocolate squares.

so i don't know what's up with my hunger, maybe larger or more filling meals? but i didn't eat again for another 4 and a half hours... ti's strange.
while getting ready to meet my friend for some coffee n' chit chat i got myself some veggies in.
1/2 red bell pepper, couple of mushrooms sliced and diced, 1 table spoon hummus and 1 table spoon tzatziki. OH and whats that there? sneaky devil, creappin' all up on my plate. heeey, i don't hate it. muh hershey's.

i walked down to the local starbucks and met up with my long lost friend from high school.
while there i got a short extra hot decaf soy latte... ha! i always feel like a diva when i have to name more than two things.

once home i heard the tummy rumbling so...
yum. new addictions fa sheeze. flat out wrap, 1 tablespoon jam, 1 tablespoon almond butter and a whole banana.
after chatting with the fam, i read and then watched the classy ass show real world.
for a snack this found it's way into my hands... and heart.
blueberries and chocolate.

thurday's eats.

woke up and the tummy was giving me a big middle finger. aka i needed some food.
1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup water, 1 mejool date, pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, 1/2 a naner and then instead of the old reliable almond butta, i poured soy milk on top. i don't know why i stopped doing this but it's how i ALWAYS used to eat my oats. damn tasty, nuff said.

i ran 4 miles, then walked slashed ran 2.5 more.

and here is the creation i had last night, giving a little peep show.
jam, almond butta, banana, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice and carbs... heaven.

in the mail i got a big fat present, minus the bow, trueblood from netflix. effing love it. so you better believe i was all about watching it.
had this while destroying some brain cells.
hershey's dark choc late but of course.

cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, slice of smoked salmon all dipped in hummus. ti's bliss.

sooo i wrote this post last week and i am editing it now, failure. but i have no idea what i did this day. woops, it was probably epic though. aha!

here is my dinner.
1 flat out wrap avec almond butta. plus this senoritas salad: spinach, cherry tomatoes, 1 morning star bfast pattie, mushrooms, laughing cow cheese wedge, hummus n' balsamic vinegar.

then apparently i thought it was a brillant idea to pose my dessert with my book, a fetching couple indeed.
chocolate brownie zbar plus a lil' bit of love, slash chocolate.

then some tea with soy milk to end my night right.

the weekend:
i went to orcas island with my ma, pa, bro, aunt and her lovely friend jeyne (a little pistol whip). it was pretty chill. on saturday we went on an 8 mile hike and spread my uncles ashes at the top. it was an incredibly sad but touching moment. i didn't capture my food, but i was probably too well feed ahah! but everything i ate was damn good.


1/2 cup o' oats, 1 cup watha, 1/2 a banana, 1 mejool date, doused with soy milk and black coffee.

i ran 7 miles on the tread, and walked 1/2 a mile... damn shorty. don't know where that energy came from. didn't get hungry till about 2:30, and i had a little snackie. my favorite kind, in fact.

1 cup kashi heart to heart, 1/2 naner, 1/2 cup soy milk and all delicious.

about an hour and a half later the tums was hungry again so i got a little protein in my belly.

morning star bfast pattie with a laughing cow cheese wedge. i had two of these bad boys.

then i sassed myself to costco and tj's with the mama coop and muh pops.
after putting all the glorious new eats away i made a quick, delicious and sorrrta nutritious, dinna.
1 la tortilla factory wrap, 1 tablespoon reduced sugar raspberry preserves, 1 tablespoon better n'pb, 1 tj's 0% greek honey yogurt, a hidden fig in thur and top with a sprinkle of kashi go lean crunch.

did some much needed laundry, watched a tad of sabrina on amc, then around 10 decided to bust out the chocolate.
tj's mini pb cups (these thing are deadly) and a 100 calorie milk chocolate stick from tj's... they were out of dark, shame.

i read my mighty ass book that i'm almost done with, but i was still hungry. gahh lame. so what better time to taste test my new pb puffins? i had a small bowl of them with soy. so much for no cereal at night... whatevs. live ya life, yo.

its a beaut out here in seatown today, swimming might be in the works.
well ladies i hope wherever you roam your day is simply splendid!


  1. hey girl thanks for checking out my blog! your food looks so yummy i love smoked salmon! and of course chocolate, i wish i had a trader joes i want to mini pb cups sooooo badly. im am for sure going to follow your blog!

  2. holler back :) dang good lookin oats if i do say so myself, and I DO. check you out gettin all antioxidized with your chocolate and blueberries, props!

  3. those mini pb cups are addictive, its a blessing and a curse that tj's is near me ha! thanks for stopping by mine too girlie! i put you on my follower as well.

  4. your killing me with all of that peanut butter and chocolate! yumm!!!

  5. Tessbaby! I loved the recap. In fact, I decided last night for this post to be the last post I read before going to bed. It also reminded me that I used to love oats topped with just milk, so I did tha damn thang this morning. Thanks for that!

    I hope you have a fabby humpday! Missed your posts dis weekend!

  6. i think you've posted all of my favourite foods in one entry!
    chocolate and blueberries - my latest obsession, and sorta random that i found someone else who likes it too. if you haven't already, try the blueberries with chocolate chips. the smooshy berries and the crunchy chips are bomb.