bad blogger

sweet thangs, thanks for bday wishes! sorry i have been so m.i.a... shoot child, i'm so impressed by all of you who post everyday! sometimes i feel like life just gets in the way you know?
howevvvva... i just saw julie & julia last night, it reminded my ass that i love blogging and reading all yo fly mamacita's blogs!

so where have i been? welp recovering from my 21st... then off to new york with my two besties. i stayed at my cousin's who lives in the heart of greenwich village (okay balla) and let me tell you... i am in love!!! i want to move to manhattan SO badly... to bad my ass is a broke joke, and you have to be rolling in the benjamins to live there, heartbreak.

on to food. i don't have pics of all my meals since i've been back BUT here are a few highlights...


1/2 cup of oats, 1 light laughing cow cheese, 1 fried egg, hot sauce and some salt n' peppa.

after i digested i ran slash walked outside for about an hour... the sun was shinin', birds chirpin'... overall amazing.

white nectarine with cinnamon.

dinna: salmon burger avec dijon mustard. also a salad with lettuce, strawberries, capers and mushrooms with a dollop of some bomb hummus.

later this gem appeared before my eyes.
white nectarine (hey if i don't gobble them all up they'll go bad, right?) and naner with cinn, and a side of better n'pb.


i apologize for the hot sauce, it makes me cringe. the egg looks like it just got in a battle and lost... well i suppose it did, cause i ate it.
naner with almond butta and cinnamon, plus a hard boiled egg dipped in hot saucy.

i ran about 45 minutes outside, felt glorious. but for some reason homegirl's legs feel like jello. i think my body is a) confused i'm running, due to the fact i took a break last week because of all the festivities and b) i'm not used to running outside.
just means i got to get my stretch on!

hard boiled egg. what the hell is going on with me? i never eat eggs, and it seems i've been eating them non stop. strange indeed.

and this concoction...
frozen naner blended with 1 scoop chocolate protein powder, cinnamon and pumpkin spice. it was pretty good because i wanted something sweet, but let's just say the taste of protein powder was not exactly subtle.

then before going with the fam to downtown edmonds for my pops bday i had this...
some carrots and cashews.

we walked around and went to a wine bar. got some wine... legally with the parental's ha! totally not a big deal, but hey 21 is still new to me.
dinna was 1 glass of red and a beet salad: spinach, beets, deep fried goat cheese balls (sounds gross slash dirtay, but it was baaamb) and a sweet raspberry vinaigrette.

saw julie & julia then came home and read.
while munching on this beaut.
dove dark chocolate and better n'pb. you bets believe i dipped the chocolate in the mock pb, delisssh. also i had some pumpkin tea with soy milk.

right now i'm sipping on black coffee about to tear myself from the computer screen and begin my day....
OH and would you ladies want to see new york pictures?? ha, i didn't want to do a whole post on it if you guys didn't want to see them so just let me know :)


  1. Pumpkin tea?? where did you find that at??

    And i'd love to see those pictures!

  2. post the pictures!! i luuuuuurrrrrv ny.

  3. haha! you Do love your cinnamon! you sprinkle them just like me: muy liberally!

  4. put them pictures up girl! the oat mess at the top looks so gooood!

  5. i got the pumpkin tea at thriftway... however m'lady it is only sub par :( quite disappointing. you can't really taste the pumpkin flava, lammmme!