hidy ho

i don't know, i couldn't think of anything for a title. so hidy ho is the logical choice.
good day beautiful blogette's!

lets back track to yesteryore...
this is what i broke my fast at 9:00.
1/2 cup o' oats, 1 cup aqua, 1 hard boiled egg, 1 light laughing cow cheese, some hot sauce lovin' and salt and peppa. lets just say i be feeling these savory oats, delish.

for those of you who don't know i plan on taking a quarter off my senior year of college to volunteer in australia. what inspired this madness? this sweet tooth is restless. honestly i can't stay in one place for too long... i start to get stir crazy. plus who wouldn't want to go kick it with the aussi's?? anyways i finished 2 essay's i had to turn in and mailed them out for my application.

around 1:30 i was ready for some food.
a tiny scoop of hummus, few carrots and 2 mushrooms sliced and diced.
1 frozen naner, 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder, cinnamon n'pumpkin spice and two ice cubes blended all up.
for some reason this tasted waaay better than yesterday. hey, i'm not complaining.

i did a massive clean in my kitchen. it was looking rough.
around 4:00 i wanted another little treat, can you blame me?
white nectarine drowned in cinnamon, just the way i like it.

after this i went for a walk slash run outside. i'm pretty sore right now so i didn't want to push myself. however i apparently i got really into this stroll, jog, run, power walk thing because i was gone for an hour and a half. came back doused in sweat, ew, so promptly got my shower on.

around 7:30 i had din.
1 salmon burger with ketchup n' dijon mustard for muh dippin'. also a red bell pepper on it's last leg and 3 mushrooms. with about 4 table spoons of hummus and a little tzatziki sauce. kept me nice and full.

after cleaning up my room and doing some laundry, i settled in to watch some trashy tv... a necessity in life. watched a re-run of real world cancun, makes me feel extra classy. however i couldn't bear to watch the new episode at 10, don't get me wrong i all for trashy tv but sometimes it makes you want to tear your eyes out.

therefore i read and munch on this dime piece around 10:30
newman's extra dark chocolate and about two tablespoons of better n'pb for the dippin'. and i had some tea with soy. perfect ending to my day.

well lovely ladies i'm off to do something productive with my life... or at least attempt. have a balla thursday, almost the weekend!
oh and i'll post new york pics tomorrow :)


  1. oh heyyyy. your savory oats look great, never thought to try them with hard boiled eggs. i love hard boiled yolks! ah the return of the mondo mushrooms. i love those. only see them on your blog. seattle has some great fungi! hey speaking of, any super god places you can recommend to eat at in seattle? 2 weeks til i come there!!

  2. I love run/walk things haha a nice balance i think. I started watching the real world cancun last night but then i got a little tired of the clury blonde trying to hook up with the girl who has a boyfriend so i flipped the channel to much better disney show haha

  3. 4 tablespoons of hummus?? Haha, love ittttt. Unless i'm snacking on it with veggies and crackers, using at least half the tub of hummus is pretty necessary when making wraps and sandwiches. ;)

    Enjoy the trash TV girl! I finally watched last week's the other day. Whoaaaa threesome!

  4. What kind of salmon patties do you buy? I loveee salmon!!

  5. ha i know what the fuuur the 3some, i swear mtv elegance.