bonjour doll faces :)
so sweet tooth is having supa anxiety issues. therefore my appetite has been lackluster. why does it feel like two gamers are deuling a mortal combat battle right in my stomach? welp, because i'm having major issues figuring out what i'm going to do fall quarter... as in the quarter that starts tomorrow. i'm not enrolled right now because i was planning on going to australia for two months, hence taking time off of school. but now i'm having serious doubts... i want to be back in school more than anything right now. 

1. i LOVE being with my friends. it's my senior year, and i know after this things will change a ton for all my friends and i.
2. i love bellingham, where my school is located. especially in the fall, it's the best time of year there.
1. would have to crash in a room with no doors, never legit.
2. i feel like i would be missing out on an opportunity not going to aussi.
sorry ya'll, rant done. sorrrt of ;)

anyways on to happier matters, food! durr.
bfast around 10:30am
honey crisp apple with obligatory cinnamon and a scoop of almond butta mixed with soy milk.

i ran 5.5 miles on the tread, showered then went for a little walksie with mama coop. she was helping me figure out what the hell i'm going to do about school vs. australia... she super supportive and i love her soooo much, but basically said it was up to me... true, but sometimes isn't it SO much easier when people make the decision for you? ha okay not really, home girl is just incredibly indecisive.

i didn't eat again till about 3pm. by then i had a headache from lack of food slash aqua, but fo some reason still wasn't that hungry. hence this...
chocolate chip peanut butta clif bar with 1 cup soy blended with spinach and ice.

i cleaned the kitchen, my room, read some then went on another walk... seriously these walks were to help me clear my head, didn't work out so much.

dinna was at 7pm.

shrooms and broc dipped in hummus. 1/2 a block of baked tofu doused in hot sauce.
then right after i wanted something sweet...
1 tj's 0% honey greek yogurt, about 1/3 cup of original puffins mixed in and 1 tablespoon of blackberry jam.

right now i'm watching buffy the vampire slayer on hulu, lovely. shoo homies, maybe that will help me make a choice about what tha fur to do! college or aussi? who knows.

hope all you fine mamacita's had an amazing day :)

edit to add:
i also munch on this dime piece around 10

honey crisp with cinn, tj's dark chocolate bar and a huge ass spoonful of better n'pb, delish.

oh and shanks for the compliments on that tat :) you ladies sure know how to make a girl feel special!


  1. Don't freak out too much, my dear. Wherever you go, I'm sure you'll enjoy every moment...at least, tell yourself that you MUST and WILL! :-)

    Hope your appetite comes back! You really need to eat a bit more regardless, though.

  2. I hope you get everything sorted! I'm super indecisive and love when people make decisions for me too!

    At least you've been enjoying plenty of delicious foods!

  3. I ALWAYS need people to make decisions for me! More often than not I get "it's up to you." A lot of times just having to talk it out with someone helps though because they can usually start to pick up on whether you are leaning one way or another.

    I say expand on your pros/cons list by thinking about what would happen as a result of each one. Writing things out always helps me get inside my head...make sense? Haha.

  4. Oh homie, I know my appetite was fun-kay after the weekend I had. But I'm so sorry yours has been stress-induced! You'll be back to normal eats-wise soon, though!

    Allie above has some fabulous advice. That's what I'd do, too! And I'd be talking about it non-stop with Muffin. But ask yourself when else you can go to Australia. School will always be there... OK, clearly we can see what I'm leaning toward.

    I wish you a better HUMPday!

  5. everything will fall into place, home slice!! whenever someone gives me that advice i want to slap them, but the truth hurts just as much as the slap.
    if you're gonna regret peacing out on your school jiggahs don't go down under. the best memories are of the people you're with, not necessarily the place you were.
    but, if austrailia is a one-time deal you might wanna hit that shizz while you still can. you'll come back with a wealth of experience and life knowledge.
    looking back on certain things in my life, i wish i travelled more because the opportunity for school is always there.
    good luck, t-bone!

  6. sorry about the anxiety issues, i am sure you will figya it out doll face. honey crisps are the best apples there are!