to the land down under...

what up homies!
thank you so, so much for your advice! i'm still torn up about the decision, but i have made a choice.
i am going to australia.
gahh! i'm supa excited slash terrified. i'm going there for two months, living in a tent slash hostel, doing labor intensive work and on top of that i'm rolling solo. but i know if i didn't go i'd regret it.
again, you gorgeous gals are simply amazing with your words of support :)

breaking tha fast at 9:45am.

honey crisp deliciousness, dipped in that magical stuff deemed almond butta.

ran 4.5 miles on ole treadie today. it's weird, sometimes i get really into running outside and other times i'd rather pound out those miles on a treadmill. but really running inside is much more enticing when i'm watching old re-runs of the hills, holla.

snack around 1:30pm.

tj's 0 greek honey yogurt with cinnamon, and a cookie clif bar.

went on a walk with mama coop again, did some laundry, read... i lead an exciting life people.

around 5pm i had this glory.

naner with cinnamon.

my long lost friend amy came over, haven't actually talked to this girl in about 2 years. we were lil' homies back in elementary school. she ended up staying for about 2 hours and by that time i was about ready to gnaw my arm off.

dinna at 8:30pm

tj's eggroll, 1 block of tj's savory flav baked tofu fried up in pam and of course some broc and shrooms dipped in hummus. really, the veggies are just a tool to eat my beloved sabara.

right after the tum needed a little sumin' sumin' sweet.

mejool date with almond butta.

i watched some tv, then around 10pm had this gem while reading a feast for crows...

2 tj's dark chocolate 100 calories sticks, big ass scoop of better n'pb and a glass of vanilla almond breeze.

i realize i didn't eat a lot again yesterday so to make up for it i had a peanut butter clif bar at 10:45pm which kind of just made me feel nauseous... perfect.

well m'dears this chica is either rolling to either the college town of western or wsu this weekend, haven't quite decided. but wsu did just break out in tha swine, mmm i think my decision lies right there.

ladies, you bets be having a glorious day! if not, well shoo it's almost the weekend :)


  1. Mmm I love all those little mini meals! Lately I've been to eating random small meals and feel pretty good! Have a great weekend!

  2. thats exciting that you will be travelling to Australia! Will be a great adventure.

    I also love all the cinnamon action happening. yum yum!

  3. you will have so much damn fun. seriously. i cant wait to see your adventures via the blog!! stellar!

  4. Australia!?? SO exciting :)
    I cannot wait to hear all about it !!

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  6. wooot, buddy!!! i'm so very excited for you to travel the outback and feast your eyes on kangaroos and boomarangs! xo