australia dreaming

oh hey girl heeeey.

so yesterday was iiight homies. went on a 3mile run, and a hour long walksie.
also, i worked on an essay for independent study since i'm taking a quarter off school. i've said on the blog before that sweet tooth is going to aussi in... holy sh!t, in 1 month. but really i was just banking on it, because home girl did not know if she got excepted to the program... low and behold i did! really though, i'm sure i could of handed them a crap essay and they would of snatched up my dollars ha! but regardless i'm suuuupa pumped to be volunteering abroad in a month!!!

anyways shall we take a look at them eats, ya'll?

brekkie was a delightful yogurt bowl with all the fixins: bluebUrries, sliced nectarine and naner, cinnamon and a spoonful of better n'pb. (i believe i the photo i snapped is in the post below... if your reeeal curious).

on to snacks, glorious snacks!

few pieces of broc, 1/2 sliced rep peppa, some shrooms and sabara hummus... plus a bomb ass nectarine doused in cinnamon.

ww la tortilla factory wrap, 1/2 smashed naner and a tablespoon of almond butta, almond breeze mix.

carrots n' more hummus... it's love.

honey crisp with cinn, duur.

salad: spinach, capers, shrooms, bluebUrries, a spoonful of salsa and balsamic vinegar. side of tj'seggroll and 1/2 a block of tj's teriyaki tofu fried up, then dipped in hot saucy and dijion mustard... classy.

dessert... even though it has more than enough calories to be considered a meal :)

1/2 a nectarine, small spoonful of almond butta slash almond breeze mixture, some dark chocolate. in da bowl... tj's instant vanilla pudding. the pops bought this, when he goes grocery shopping on his own he tends to buy random ass sh!t. i probably made it wrong because i used soy milk instead of 2%, so it was kind of soupy. i still ate it, plus what doesn't taste delish topped off with original puffins?

last night i watched 'the beautiful life', umm don't think i'll be getting into this show. is it just me, or is mischa barton incredibly obnoxious?
then i finished my night by reading, of course. puts this girl to sleep betta than a lullaby.

well mamacita's ti's thursday, almost friday... and that is always a holiday. enjoy yo' days :)


  1. I love that dessert!! Do you know how many calories you eat a day? I love everything you eat!!

  2. gracias for the comment on my blog! love yours--esp that pics at the top with the chocolate & grahams... how do you look at that every day without getting hungry?

  3. hey girllll, i'm always obsessed with your dessert plates. and all that sabra hummus.

    i was going to give that beautiful life show a chance, but i'm sure it's lam-o since mischa needs to stay in the OC, always and forever. hahahaha