cuckoo for true blood (puffs?)

doooood its sunny here! yayer. welp it was sunny yesterday too... but since it's september i get this impending feeling the nice weather will be snatched away and replaced by seattle's dreary drizzles. just means i gots to soak it up while it last :)

so yesterday's bfast was a hot mess.
i made protein oats...
1/2 cup o' oats, 1 cup water, 1 scoop chocolate protein, cinn n' pumpkin spice plus topped off with a naner and more cinn.
gaaaaaggggg.... this was the worst thing i've tasted. the chocolate protein was revolting in oats. i was truly contemplating about just eating it. cause i mean, really... who likes to waste? but then i thought about it, and realized it wasn't worth the nast feeling i would get afterward.

so the sweet tooth had this at 9:00...
strawberries, la tortilla whole wheat wrap and a scoop of almond butta. oh plus my beloved coffee snuck it's way in the pic.
muuuuch better.

i preceded breekie by going to costco and tj's with the pops. i never pass up a chance to go grocery shopping, i love it. even when i'm in bellingham for school with no money i'll go in stores to look at the bomb goods they have... and not buy them. actually, now that i think about it why do i put myself through that torture?? oh because i love food.

then i got a little hangry round 1:30.
mushrooms and cherry tomatoes sans hummus, surprisingly. 0% fage mixed with cinnamon, a couple of sliced strawberries and a spoonful of better n'pb.

a mere two hours later at about 3:45 i had a slight head ache, the cure? more food.
tofurky smoked hickory slices with 1 laughing light cow cheese dispersed within them... dipped in some good ole hot sauce. also, a pink lady apple in all it's crisp juicy glory.

a little after i went for a nice run, then walk, then run again... outside. let me tell you, i don't know why i confined myself to the treadmill sometimes. i used to run outside all the time, then i got lazy and used the tread. but i always feel 10X more amazing and in touch with my body (mmmm) than when pounding away on that damn machine.

around 5:30 a present came in the mail! true blood hooray! the last two episodes of the 1st season. twas a joyous moment.

i cleaned the kitchen, started tidying my room then realized i wanted a bath. i never take baths, but my muscles are a sore son ofa b!tch right now.

at 8:00 i finally had din. while watching true blood, of course.
1 block of tj's baked tofu, then i fried it up with pan stove top. dipped in hot sauce mixed with a touch of ketchup... getting gormet on ya ass! ha, ok not at all.
bowl o' veggies: mushrooms, carrots, cherry tomatoes and SABRA hummus!
holy shit... i'm never going back. before i used to get meza hummus and it's iggght BUT this stuff is amazing! fo reals.
also, a mejool date and a light laughing cow cheese eventually spread in it and on the carrots.

i watched the true blood episodes and am currently going through withdrawals because i need to watch season 2... it's a life or death situation.

after 10:00 while reading i busted out this treasure.
4 squares of tj's dark chocolate then dipped them in better n'pb. so this took me about 45 minutes to finish... what can i say, i like to savor the flavor (cheese). also, i had some tea avec soy but never finished it.

alright fly girls (yes, j lo style)... i'm going to begin my day.
oh and it's memorial day weekend, holllla! hope you guys kick it real hard, whereva you be.


  1. awee. that sucks about your protien oats!!

    your last snack looks to.die.for.

  2. I'm drooling over that plate of chocolate right now it looks so delish! I haven't had tofu in foreverrr i need to hook myself up with that sh!t. I feel ya with the rain, tis prety much the same situation here in v-city... West coast rain is a coming!

  3. hahahaha. um. lovely? it is labor day weekend! you are a few months behind ;)

    dang that blows you didn't love the protein oats! i hate mine with choco protein but i do dig a vanilla protein oats bowl.

    holler at cha true blood fans! yeah!

  4. ahaha woops! i meant labor day... wow. i seem like a supreme scholar right about now.

  5. Iyiyi your killing me with that chocolate picture! Mmm!!

    I'm sorry you didn't like the protein oats! What was it about it that you didn't care for?

  6. TRUEBLOOD! Yesss, I still need to watch season 1. I got hooked on season 2 (but was totally lost) this summer. Thank you HBO on demand!!! And the season 2 finale is next week, tear! BUT, this just means i'll have time to clear everything up with the amazing-ness of season 1. Hahaa!!

    Ummmm, OBSESSED with your tofurkey/laughing cow roll-ups. And the baked tofu. And dessert plate.

  7. Hey Tessa! Thanks for reading my blog and commenting. I like using whole wheat wraps as faux crepes too with ab and banana. I look forward to reading more from ya!

  8. Hi, just discovered your lovely blog :)

    I hear you on the protein oatmeal...I tried using vanilla protein powder in hot oatmeal once and didn't like it, but I tried in Swiss oats (soak the oats overnight) and it was delish. Maybe you can try that :)

    Ketchup on tofu? Why not? Ketchup is good with everything, lol :) I'm gonna try that.

    see ya!