pop in lock

i'm going to go ahead and throw it out thur, friday was a shit show... in the best possible sense. however sweet tooth didn't go to bed till 7am, fo sho crack head classy lady status.

i shall begin this post with a picture of the good ole' tatty stamped on my back fo life (a close up will be soon to come).

it's a japanese sumi-e painting. flowers are in the left corner and a bird is on the tallest flower... i realize from far away it looks like, well... black squiggles! but i swears it is legit :), if you like tattoos that is.

we started our night at my friends bf's house in belltown. there was rock band, a whole lot of rock band going on.
we sipped on wine, and gin... my least favorite alch eva. nast.
then apparently it was a good idea to treat the fan as if it were some kind of  beautiful man we were bouts to sandwich.


of course we needed our pre-leaving, take our picture andy... thaaaanks, shot.


then we sassed our asses ova to the sodo show box for girl talk.
thur was dancing...

do tha bird.

thur was lounging...

shoo, we needed breaks in between our pop n' locking.

thur was posing...

after girl talk we weren't ready to call it a night. so we ended up going to two more clubs... got home a 4 am and didn't go to bed till 7am, toooo much rock band. with was perfect cause i woke at 11am then headed over to my bro's rugby game, looking reeeeal rough. ha! it happens.
today i say the proposal with mama coop, twas cute.

well ladies i hope you had a fabulous weekend!


  1. you look so gorgeous! and i seriously love your tatoo! i cannot wait to see a more up close one :)
    Sounds like an awesome weekend !! rock band, clubs, and the bird? good stuff, good stuff

  2. LOVE THE TAT!!! i wishi was brave enough to get one because yours is gorgeous :)

    i also love the kashis on the table lol. you look lovely all dolled up.

  3. Your so gorgeous! And that tattoo looks crazy! did it hurt?

  4. OMG i love girl talk. the concerts are always ridiculous dance parties! i'm so jealous of you right now haha.. did you get on stage?

  5. I looooooove your tattoo!!! I could never get one, but that's just cuz i'm a wimp (and very indecisive).

    Glad you had such an amazing time! You looked adorable girl! xooo