almost friday, yessir.

i'm sitting here watching the vampire daires... why do i find myself watching cheesy cw11 shows? oh wait, cause sweet tooth is unemployed and de-schooling myself this quarter. howwweevva less than a month left till aussi!

i had no appetite when i woke up :(. so, naturally i chugged coffee. then around 10:30am i had this gem.

1/2 a naner, 1/2 a scoop of chocolate protien powder, 1/2 cup of vanilla almond breeze with ice cubes.

then around 12am i munched on dis'

tj's 0% greek honey yogurt mixed with cinnamon. then 1/2 a chocolate chip peanut crunch clif bar, right after i ate the other half sans yogurt.
fo reals people i have no idea why i have been in love with mr.clif latley. but i've been feeling this relationship.

i attempted to run today, 'twas rough. i ran 3 miles and stopped many a times inbetween.
after showering, i wanted to relish the sunshine and go on a walk. i went to to the lake and then stopped by the grocery store to pick up a honey crisp apple. were out and sweet tooth is obsessed. too bad 1 honey crisp cost 1.37, what the fur? ridic.

around 4:30pm i gots my eat on.

broc, hummus, red peppas, 1 scoop of honey mustard hummus and the last of the sabara :( i shall morn thee.

oh forewarning from here on out for some reason my pictures are all sorts of blurry.
after the hummus veggies, i had this lovely.

honey crisp with cinnamon.

SO  around 6pm i headed out the door and made the implusive decision to chop off my long ass hair. i'm not sure i like it, but i hadn't cut it in ova a year and this little lady's split ends were out of control.

around 8:15pm i had din din, which i have been craving all day. probably should of ate this bad boy for bfast, c'est la vie.

1/3 cup of oatbran with 1 cup of water, 1 morn' star pattie, 2 spoonfuls of shredded parm, glorious hot sauce and topped all of with almonds.
right after of course i needed something sweet.

a blur-tastic photo of a mejool date with almond butta.

probably round 10pm i have a feeling chocolate, better n'pb and a tall glass of almond breeze will be calling my name, just saying, it'll probably happen. :)

i'm leaving at 7am for bham, so have a bangin' weekend m'dears!


  1. jelous of your aussi adventure. shall be a blast! :)
    1.40 for one apple!? I bought four for that price today.. but sadly they were not honeyscrip :( I have not seen them yet here.. dang.its

  2. I haven't been that hungry for breakfast either lately! What gives??

    All of the clif bars I've tried (gingerbread, carrot cake, pumpkin pie) all taste the same to me! Maybe I need to give chocolate chip a try..hmmm

  3. honeycrisps are ultra pricey but worth every penny! they are the ballerest of all apples. happy friday love pie!

  4. dude, the blurry photos are like soap opera food porn. it's amazing. have an awesome weekend, sista xo

  5. Let's see the new do!!! Mmm I love dried fruit with almond butter--I love the GUSH!