NEW YORK, i love you.

title of a movie coming out? perhaps. but ti's true... i am in love with new york. kind of a late recap BUT i shall share nonetheless. last weekend the bestie's and i packed our bags and headed for nyc. we stayed with my gracious host of a cousin. shackin' up at her apartment in the heart of greenwich village, she be big ballin'.

upon arriving we roamed around soaking up the life of the city. oh and we saw whitney from the hills 2 times, she mean mugged my cousin ha! and we blocked jodie foster on the street not even realizing it was her. she said "excuse me", i said "sorry"... it was deep.
then we had a lil' picnic while looking at the jwursey shoreline.

we came back to the digs and got all sorts of dolled up.
1st night on the town...


outside bar in the meat packing district! rach, me, mish and my cousin.

after this we ended up going to a euro dance club in the cheslea neighborhood, def not my scene. but i somehow got convinced to go there. once there we ended up behind the dj booth dancing! uhh when in rome right?

the next day we got our tourist on...

time square.

oh marc, if i could i would adorn myself in your clothing all the time. but alas, i am broke. therefore my 'shopping' consist of raiding my ma's closet for items she rocked in the 70's.

this picture could have been really cute... but then i effed it up by talking on the phone. whoops.

hello lover. fro yo from yogurt land... it is amazing. they have a sh!t ton o' flavors and you choose them yourself. underneath those beautiful toppings lies taro, pb, plain and cookies n' cream flavor... i might have gotten a little excessive. but hey, they charge by how much it weighs... so i had to live it up.

we went to din at a mexi restaurant... they didn't serve chips n' salsa, we had to special request this. ummm guess how much this shanty platter cost? 5 bucks... for 6 chips. what the fur? not legit.
later at wicked willy's near nyu.

mish rocking her burthday suit. okay, no. but some close up face action, that's probably unnecessary.

then we chatted with these lovely irish lads. charming... kind of.

last night in town...
we were all a bit haggard by this point, always good.

before din, got to get my free wine in! durrr.

asian tapas! delish. we got two more rounds... hey we needed to fuel up. that little gem of a drink you spy is a lyche cocktail, t'was delish.

then we rolled to a roof top bar, you could see all of manhattan... there was a hot tub on top, two people went in. i was embarrassed for them, yet highly amused.

this is where sh!t got weird. for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to stroll out of the club with some homeboy's (ehem, douches) because they had a "sick pad". bad plan, yet for some reason we went, sketch i know.
i was expecting a hoover ville-esque crib yet instead we entered this...

this is my "where the f*#k am i" face...

needless to say we bounced.
next morn woke up got brunch and soaked in the beautiful nyc sun rays.
oh and my cousin is amazing and bought us these gems.

what a doll, just look at those beauts.

before leaving we wandered here, an inside market in the meat packing district... it's in the old nabisco factory from the 1800s. legit.

it was a heart wrenching goodbye :(

welp m'dears, thats my recap of last weekends adventures.
i took a TON of pictures and truly just scratched the surface of the madness this trip entailed. however while there i did decide my life goal...
basically somehow get rich and live a fabulous life in nyc... mmm if only. ahaha!

well lovelies the 3 day weekend has come to a close, but only 4 more days till the weekend!


  1. Oh my god, I love this post so much. Not only is it full of bossy pics of you and your crew, but it also reminds me of summa. Irish lads? Random pads? Dranks and getting haggard by Sunday? Yep. Love.

    I like the life goal, too. I think everyone has it (i.e. ME! I have it, too, chica). I've never been to NYC, but clearly, I must hit it up soon.

    Hope you have a fab start to the week!

  2. Whoa can I please have that froyo?? it looks and sounds amazing!!

  3. such good times!!!
    ps. what's the deal with irish #1 licking irish #2's face? i hope they bought you drinks!

  4. ohmygoodness! you had so much funnnn! i love the stripey skirt. jealous of your adventures, for real!

  5. All your outfits are soooo cute! Looks like you had a frickin' blast! Those cupcakes definitely caught my attention...from one sweet toothie to another!

  6. god, I LOVE NEW YORK (the city and I will obvi love the new movie too!) cant wait until I go back to my fav city..your pics just made me miss it more!