i'm still here.

what up sexy ladies!
so last weekend sweet tooth went to bham to visit the college homies, who are actually in school this quarter. it 'twas their 1st weekend so you know there was lots of dranking :)
mama coop is away on a business trip to idaho and she gots the computer i upload my pics on, but i shall present you with these gems i jacked from trusty facebook, but of course.

my home girl maria and i at the up and up bar in bham.

with some of the crew, clearly i'm in a good state.

that would be adrian lurking in the pic.

it was a good weekend, made me a little tearful that i'm not up thur with them... but i'm abouts to have my own adventures so c'est la vie.
i don't have pics but three food related items that i enjoyed imensley this weekend were all pumpkin related.
1. pumpkin cream cheese muffin
2. pumpkin pie latte
2. actually pumpkin pie
oh how i love autum and it's pumpkin glories.

i'll be back tomorrow with photo evidence i do eat, ha.
this weekend i'm road trippin down to san fran with some homies to go to the hardly strictly bluegrass festival! i'm supa excited, i've never done an actual road trip with friends so it should be ridiculous.

question: what is your favorite pumpkin treat?
have a lovely day m'dears :)


  1. Where's all the pumpkin porn??? lol. It sounds like you had a delicious weekend!!

    Favorite pumpkin treat.. oh gosh thats tough! I guess I'd have to say pumpkin chocolate chip cookies!

  2. hooray for pumpkin! i agree, where are the PHOTOS of the pumpkin love? you and you friends are tres cute though. fave pumpkin treat? pumpkin ice cream!

  3. you are my favourite in the second picture!
    also, ROADTRIP TO SF??!! dude, that's bomb. i'm mad jealous - the scenery is off the chain.

    pumpkin foodie favourite??? i like pumpkin spice teas!

  4. Hands down pumpkin cream cheese muffins!! The cream cheese dollop in the middle sends shivers down my body :) Hooray for Fall!!