hey boos!
sorry for being a beezy and not posting eats in awhile!
so this is going to be a quick post with lots of pictures, making up for my blog neglecting ways. i'm leaving to san fran in less than an hour, wooo! just waiting for the homies to pick me up :)

lets recap, shall we?



apple n' ab.


cherry tomatoes, shrooms and muh hummus.

tjs 0% greek honey yogurt, orginal puffins and a spoonful of better n'pb.


cherry tomatoes,  broc, my lova hummus, 1 block of tj's savory tofu and 1 tj's egg roll.

then my after dinna date, bandom ching! oohhh.

mejool date stuffed with better n'pb and chocolate chips.

dessert plate.

honey crisp apple, couple of strawberries, dark chocolate and better n'pb for muh dippin'.



1/3 cup oat bran, 1 cup aqua, sliced strawbUrries, spoonful of ab and a dollop of honey greek yogurt.


peanut butta crunch clif bar avec chocolate chips.

sorry i have no time to flip this sorry!!

shrooms, tomatoes n' hummus, plus a honey crisp with cinnamon.

pumpkin tea with dark chocolate.


cherry tomates n' hummus, grape leaf, baked squash and brussel sproats and a block o' tofu.

dessert 'twas a shit ton of animal crackers, chocolate and better n'pb while watching the hills and the city with my homegirl mish.


1/2 an unpictured apple while treking home on the good ole' transit system from my friends house.
then, the bfast of champions.

cookie clif bar.


tjs yogurt, puffins and better n'pb.

1/3 cup oat bran, 1 cup water, morning star bfast pattie, spoonful of parm and hot sauce. damn tasty.

of course i needed summin' summin' sweet...

dark choc.


squash fries, grape leaf, morning star pattie, red peppa plus shrooms plus hummus equals love.
right after some au natural naner soft serve.

sprinkled with cinnamon and dark chocolate.

later i needed my dessert plate, but of course.

honey crisp, date with better n'pb, dark choc dipped in more better n'pb.


strawberries, flat out wrap with ab and blackberry jam.


blurry honey crisp.

long lost love cereal: puffins and vanilla almond breeze.

damn shortay you look fione...

costco pumpkin pie.

squash fries, tofu, red peppas, shrooms, hummus and a grape leaf... plus i had an after dinna date.

dessert plate.

honey crisp, array of chocolate and better n'pb.

sorry for such a piss poor post loves! but i got to fly, and trek my booty down to san fran!
have a ballin' weekend dears!


  1. Ahh your dessert plates are making me hungry!

    I've been drooling over that pumpkin pie at Costco everytime I go.. is it any good??

  2. you're totally a creature of habit with your food - i love it cuz i'm the same way too. ps. i'm totally gonna hit up the date with pb AND CHOCOLATE CHIPS!! jiggaaaaaahhh!!!!! you know where it's at!

  3. all your food looks super yummy! i love your snacks <3! delicous!

  4. omg i LOVE your dessert plates!!! i have a severely strong sweet tooth (i hate chips/crakcers, but give me a dark chocolate bar or bag of carob chips and it's gone in a second!) i love your blog because i'm trying to eat more sweets on a regular basis but in moderation. you do this so well!

  5. holy post of yummy pictures! So many good eats Have fun in SF!

  6. brooke used to make me those dates and they are too good to be true. ive never been a date fan but those take the cake. say haaayy to my city for me!! oh how i miss san fran