love me some whip cream!

bonjour! how you doin'? chillin' out, maxin', relaxin' or shootin' some bball outside the school? ... i hope so, just like my homeboy the fresh prince. my weekend has been relaxing. just kicking it with the fam bam.

the exciting thangs i did? got all martha stewart and put up halloween decorations with mama coop. went to my bro ho's rugby game... they won!  i ran 4 miles friday, 5 saturday and 6 today. truly i didn't intend to do a progressive number of miles, but that's apparently that's how i roll.

now on to food, yes?
i didn't capture all my eats, but i'll give you a looksie into some of the weekend glories.

there were yogurt messes...

tj's 0% greek yogurt, pb and original puffins, spoonful of jam and better n'pb.

tj's yogurt, pb puffins, pumpkin granola peaking out from below, 1 spoonful of better n'pb and whipped cream! 
man, i love me some whip cream... this weekend though, i kind of ODed on it.

greek inspired grub.

1/2 whole wheat pita spread with a laughing cow cheese and 1/2 a grape leaf. plus some shrooms lovin' dipped in hummus.

bets believe i munched on apples...

honey crisp with cinnamon.

some cookie action.

oatmeal rasin cookie!

some good ole' savory eats snuck in.

grape leafs with tzatziki sauce and hot sauce. baked and fried tofu, carrots, shrooms n' hummus.

you complete me. dessert snack plates...

honey crisp, dark chocolate dipped in better n'pb.

another love of my life, cereal, 'twas eaten this weekend.

original and pb puffins with soy.

OH and i saved this treasure for last. i had about 3 huge pieces of the gem this weekend.

pumpkin pie with LOADS of whip cream. slightly obsessed.

welp home skillets, have a lovely night!


  1. pumpkin pie=pure love
    with whipped cream? even better.

  2. Bonjour!

    6 miles????! Wow don't you feel pain??? x)
    I remember running 3 miles last year at school...Thought I would die. Litterally.

    I love the pita and cheese idea :)

    I love your yogurt messes <3
    Makes me regret not buying Puffins when they were on sale.

    Happy Canadia Thanksggiving!

  3. Ahh that pumpkin pie looks like heaven!

  4. MMMM! I want some of that pumpkin goodness! :D

  5. omg whipped cream<33333

    and grape leaves!!! did you make those? buy them? where??? i need!