getting the essentials!

ello ello!

so my last post this goregous gal posed a question. if i was concerned or pumped about food in australia. the answer...
well, i've always liked making my own meals opposed to going out to eat. don't get me wrong i'm all for getting my grub on at a restaurant but i like to choose what goes into my food, ja know? however, in aussi they will provide all the food and i have no clue what will be served. i know i'll be eating a hell of a lot less chocolate and almond butta though! shame, ha. also, it's important to note since blogging i've been living at home. trust me, while living up in bellingham i eat cereal, pb and bread, coffee (yes, 'tis a food group), bars and bananas. okay i eat more than that, but you get my drift. however, i view traveling and volunteering as an opportunity of a lifetime. SO... so what if i don't eat a ton of fruits, veggies or whole wheat bread? i'll eat what they serve even if it's not exactly my ideal meal, it will fuel me though the long days of physical activity and manual labor!
speech done.

back tracking to WENSESDAY.

when i last posted i was scrounging for something to fill that tummy o'mine. low and behold i found the perfect fix. savory oats, ya'll!

1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, 1 morning star pattie, a light laughing cow cheese, salt n'pepa and of course no savory oats would be complete with out hot sauce.
DUR i needed something sweet to complete this meal...

my last honey crisp (tear) with cinnamon.
BUT the natural sweetness 'twas not enough, enter...

chocolate from a costco variety pack... ahhh much better :)

after cleaning the kitch, mama coop called up to say we were going to take a little adventure to the mall. no complaints here, i needed to get some gear for aussi. i got ready, then around 5pm decided the tum needed a snack.

carrots, shrooms, sabara hummus and 1/2 a chocolate chip clif bar.

we headed out around 6pm, check out the loot i got!

teva sandals (on sale, i might add), camp pillow and a camp towel. i've never heard of a camp towel before, but i guess you get it wet before you shower and ring it out... strange. but i was told it is like a sham wow (side note: such a creep). thanks ma!
then i bought myself a empire beanie because that is ESSENTIAL to have in the out back.

we got back around 8:30 so i started fixin' dinner right away.
dinna around 8:45pm.

carrots and shrooms dipped in hummus. costco grape leave with hot sauce and 1/2 a mulit-grain muffin with 1/2 a laughing cow cheese wedge and tj's blackberry jam.
however, the real star of the show was this.

about a cup of b-nut squash heated with the other half of the cheese wedge. OMFG, so good! i didn't use all the hummus for the veggies so i put the rest of it in the squash, heated again, it tasted like heaven.

i watched some tube, then settled in to read my book, the blade itself. around 10:30pm i got my nightly chocolate fix on.

chocolate dipped in better n'pb and a glass of soy... same ole' same ole'.


after making the obligatory coffee and downing three cups of it, i pondered what to make for bfast. last night i was realllly craving cereal, but i resisted that urge till the morning.
brekkie at 10:00am.

kirkland's spiced pecan cereal, after the pic i added soy milk. also, half a naner spread with a tiny spoonful of almond butta.

after puttering, i hopped on the treadmill and ran a little over 5 miles while watching the ever classy E! channel.
being a hot mess i showered then cleaned the kitchen... for some reason this is my duty of the household. i'm not complaining though considering i'm living at home, for free. yes, i am a child adult. well, until i leave tuesday that is!
lunch was around 2:30pm.

the ususal suspects: carrots, shrooms and hummus. also, an mulit-grain english muffin with butter, cinnamon and splenda. okay, so i NEVER use splenda. i'm not opposed to it, but i usually use real sugar. plus we have none in our house... i just happened to jack some free packets from starbucks!
what are your thoughts on splenda?

then mama coop was walking down to the bus stop to meet up with some friends, so i decided to occupancy her. after parting i skipped walked into alberston's and got this dime.

canned pumpkin.

i fo sho will be incorporating this into my bfast tomorrow or perhaps dessert tonight!
around 5pm the pops came home and we headed out to costco. running out the door i grab 1/2 of a chocolate chip clif bar.
at costco i got 2 pairs of cargo pants, and two long sleeve t-shirts for my travels.

round 7:30pm i fixed a simple dinner.

 la tortilla factory wrap with pb and a side of honey crisp... i love costco and the pops for refilling my stock!
and then i was hankering for last nights treasure!

acorn squash, 1/2 a light laughing cow cheese, and hummus heated up. SO GOOD!
right after i dug into the new chocolate stash...

dove peanut butter filled milk chocolate. honestly, i thought i would enjoy this way more. o-well, i guess the i just enjoy dipping my sweet treat in pb betta.
i sense a bowl of cereal in my future, mmm.

well lovely's it is SO close to the weekend! it's my last here in the states for a time so, crazay! tomorrow i have a lunch date with a friend, then later i'm going out with some homies. saturday i need to get more stuff for my trip and then have a dessert date with the bestie!

OH and i'm just going to put it out there... you ladies are absolutely phenomenal! seriously, you all are WAY busy and still find time to blog, eat well, work out on top of going to school or working... it truly amazes me. honestly, i know i'm a spotty blogger, but i always come back because i LOVE reading yours and sincerely appreciate every time you have something to say about mine. so thank you!
on that note, it's almost the weekend... go celebrate!


  1. i love your header! YAY FOR PUMPKIN! is it weird that i like it right out of the can?!

  2. Get all your chocolate in while you can! When do you leave to aus again? PLEASE try and find internet at least once while you are there and let us know how its going! I know splend is bad but I still use it sometimes if I need a little extra sweetness and I don't want the calories.

  3. Your new sandals are cute! Teva brand are really good for your feet!

    I can't wait to see what you do with that pumkin..yummy!!

    I used to be obsessed with splenda so I stopped eating it..but now I think I may be obsessed with stevia! oops

  4. Ahh so excited for you-Australia is going to be amazing. I'm actually trying to decide if I want to study there or in Spain when I go abroad in a few semesters :)

    Loved your little schpeel! You know how to eat right, so live a little and try new things! You'll find a balance, I know it!

    Laughing cow + blueberry preserves has been my go-to lately! I put 'em on kashis, rice cakes, toast! Ahh, makes you feel british...no? hahaha

    And hmm, i'll usually choose stevia over splenda. but it won't kill ya!! it may not be GOOD for you, but like i said...it won't kill ya :)
    Have a fun weekend!! xoxo

  5. PUMPKIN!!! :)
    Yumm-o! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this, I need some idea too!

  6. girl I just love the crazy amounts of chocolate/peanut butter you use :)

  7. Dollface! Thanks for answering my Q! I'd live it up, too!

    Um, the pump is amaze by itself, so I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    I'm so jealous that you have honeycrisps. Walmart didn't have ANY today! Bummer. I'm hoping for good things this coming weekend, though.

    And I'm not sure you eat above-mentioned "crazy amounts" of pb and chocolate. I could always see/eat more of this.

    Anyway, I heart you. :)

  8. Just found your blog and I love it! Come check out mine!!