holiday muggin'

ahoy mates!
wassup wassup.

so lets back that ass up to MONDAY.

so sunday night monday morning i could not fall asleep till 4am, maYjor fail.
therefore i rolled out of bed late and didn't eat brekkie till 12:30pm.

FYI one of my favorite things in the world... holiday themed coffee mugs. they bring a big smile to my face :)

black coffee.

then i had this dime piece, fo sho.

my last tj's 0% greek honey yogurt... you shall be mourned. avec 1/2 an extremely ripe peach, a handful of costco's kirkland spiced pecan cereal and a spoonful of almond butta.
the spiced pecan cereal is the pops so i hardly ever eat it... i don't know why though. it is delish! it has a roasted cinnamon smell and taste like fall, yum!

i ran 5 miles on ole treadie, then proceeded to get my crunch on. after showering and so on i was ready for some grub.
lunch at 3:30pm.

1 multi-grain muffin spread with a light laughing cow cheese, topped with tj's blackberry jam and shredded dark chocolate. plus a honey crisp with cinnamon for good measure :)

monday i managed to get my tourist visa, holla! so excited :) slash terrified.
anyways dinna rolled around and i cooked squash for madre and i.

dinner at 6:45pm, why hello beautiful.

acorn squash! i had about 1/4 of it.

then i also cooked up this block of tofu plus had a salad avec: spinach, cherry tomatoes, shrooms, capers, a light laughing cow cheese and a spoonful of hummus... sorry no pic!
but i did get a snap shot of dis'...

bomb tj's baked tofu.

i was still wired and wanted to make sure i fell asleep, so i walked on the treadmill for an hour (no incline) while watching E! news and the daily 10... class. afterward i took a bath. i've decided from now, till the time i leave, i will be taking a bath every night. got to soak (literally, ha) up life's luxuries while having the chance!

dessert while reading was an oldie, but a goodie.
around 10pm.

a cup o'plain soy. honey crisp with cinnamon, chocolate and better n'pb.
close up on the beaut...



yesterday was mama coops bday!
to honor the wonderful woman here are some pics...

in ireland, yes i am miming that of a leprechaun. not a tourist at all.

on the adraic sea in italy!

to continue the trend of themed coffee mugs, say hello to ghosty.

black coffee, but of course.

breakfast around 10:30am.

1 whole wheat greek pita, light laughing cow cheese wedge, tj's blackberry jam and cinnamon. 'tis joy.

i honestly can't remember what filled my hours between bfast and these eats, but i'm sure it was epic.
around 1:30pm.

coco chip clif bar spread with a tiny spoonful almond butta, and a last honey crisp.

i was still hungray, so the eats proceeded with this gem.

last of the pb puffins, spiced pecan cereal and soy.

i felt sick, and kind of nauseous after this... no idea why, but not feelin' it. regardless i hopped on the treadmill and walked slash jogged a slow 5 miles.
when i was done i walked up stairs to see this beauty. it 'twas delivered to the madre from my aunt and uncle for her bday...

edible arrangements shortay! ahhaha! bets believe i snatched a chocolate covered strawberry!

i gave my ma a manicure, then we went for a bonding walk around the neighborhood.
my bro came over and i started cooking mama coop her bday dinna.

dinner 'twas around 7:45pm... and besides the chocolate strawberry i had not eaten since early afternoon, needless to say i was cranky and hungry.
no pic, again sorry! but the fam ate scallops, b-nut squash i cooked, salad and bread.
i however ate: b-nut squash (durr), 2 grape leaves with tzatziki sauce, shrooms and carrots dipped in hummus and tj's baked savoury tofu.

i took a bath, then settled in to watch the hills and the city while munching on this.

a shit ton of chocolate with better n'pb and a glass of soy.


since i'm going to be in australia on hallows eve, therefore i'm feeling quite festive while still here in the states.
bfast at 10am.

mulit-grain muffin smeared with almond butta and a naner with cinnamon.

after bfast i got a ring from amy, the homegirl who is helping me out with all my travel stuff. we talked about the essentials i need to know, slash thangs i need to bring.
just now i got off the treadmill. so, as i type i'm a hot sweaty mess... just in case you needed a visual. alas, i must part and get my booty in the kitch to make a lil' summin' summin' to eat!

ciao for now bellas :)


  1. Happy belated to Mommy!

    Oh how I adore your snacky ways. I wish I had Honeycrisps and Better N' Pb!

    Are you concerned about the food in Australia or just pumped about it?

    Hope your Humpday is fab!

  2. happy belated mommy's bday :) you two are both gorgeous!! i cant get enough of your chocolate and dessert plates. do you buy bettern'pb at the grocery store? i jhaven't seen it at mine - i heard it has a tangy flavor?? is there a reason you love it?

  3. I love all those snacks! Especially the ones that involve nut butter or chocolate :)

    And your little mugs are darling!! are you going to dress up for halloween?

  4. ALL of your food looks so good!!
    and I love the festive decor !

  5. I love all the chocolate you incorporate into your life! No wonder your so happy! I want one of those edible arrangements so badly! My next birthday I will be sending one of those to myself =) Ciao bella!