the joys of squash.

hey girl hey.


so i'm picking up the eat train from yesterday.
around 5pm i snacked on this treasure, while gallivanting out the house to walk the pups.

banana with a spoonful of almond butta slathered on after the first bite. messy, delicious and nutritious.

after coming home and pretty much doing a shit ton of nothing i decided to bust out a new dinna! star ingredient spaghetti squash! boooomb. i also whipped up a snacky side plate all woofed down around 7:30pm.

spagehetti squash, 1 boca burger, a light laughing cow cheese wedge, capers and hot sauce... soooo good!
then this side plate fiasco.

1/2 a whole pita with sabara hummus smeared between, plus some baby carrots for good measure.

after watching too many hours of free greek episodes on hulu i put the lap top down and headed in the kitch for a late night snack-a-roo.
munching on it around 10pm while reading my book. (ignore the messy looking plate, that would be cinnamon from an apple i never ate and wrapped up to save for later).

big handful of puffins, dark chocolate with better n'pb AND this to wash it all down...

plain soy milk.


after clonking out around 12:30am, i woke up at a luxurious hour of 10am. shoot, my body to be a tad confused when i'm waking up at 7am in the outback to do manual labor all day hahaha! if nothing, it shall be interesting... PLUS maybe i'll finally get some sweet guns.
at 11am brekkie was calling my name.

no pic BUT just imagine yesterday's bfast except instead of a laughing cow cheese wedge i had almond butta and jam on a whole wheat pita... honestly i kind of liked the cheese version more, blasphemous i know.

after lougning i finally got my booty going and hopped on the tread. i ran a little ova 4 miles then did some ABS! woo! haha seriously i'm trying to do more strength stuff and since i don't have weights or a gym membership abs will have to suffice.

then hunger struck around 2pm...

2 grape leafs with hot sauce, carrots n' hummus and a big ass honey crisp.

it was a beaut outside today so i put on my walking shoes and headed out the door. i went for about a 40 minute walk.
once back awhile, round 5pm i got all munchy again.

ginger tea, about 1 cup? puffins, a mejool date stuffed with 1/2 a laughing cow cheese and chocolate chips.

about 30mins ago i just got back from a short 20 min walk with mama coop. it's 6:30ish so i'm guesstimating in about 1 hour i'll get my eat on, mmmhmm.

it's almost the weekend ya'll, yayer!


  1. Mmm I love spaghetti squash! I eat mass quanitites at a time :D

    And woohoo for abs!! My favorite! :D

  2. yum! all your food looks so delicious!!

  3. I've never had grape leaves before, what do they taste like? I love your snack plates and how about 99% of the time they include chocolate. Thats my kinda snack =)

  4. mmm your puffins snack plate looks so appetizing right now! i am craving some sweet :) HAPPY FRIDAY MAMA!

  5. I must admit I have never tried Puffins. I know, I know I need to but I know the box will be destroyed in minutes :) Yummy lookin' squash woman!!

  6. date stuffed with LC? wow, cool!