girl talk

such as talking wit muh gurls? nah. such as, i'm going to see girl talk tonight... fuuuuck yes! i know, i didn't censor that... but sometimes it's called for. that, and i truly have the mouth of a sailor.
if you don't know who girl talk is, it's basically a dj mixing supa ballin' music together. plus, it's amazing to dance too. cause you know this sweet tooth loves to get down, ha!

mmmk, so on to yesterday's eat shall we? we shall.

bfast, which kind of resembled a lunch.

wrap with honey crisp apple doused with cinnamon. a wrap that i ate but didn't sit right... la tortilla wwbetter n'pb and a 1/2 a mashed naner.

oh and two traveling mugs of this...

black coffee, i may have an addiction. also i added some soy milk eventually to it.

i ran 20 minutes outside then came back only to hop on the tread and pounded out 3 miles... i have no idea why i didn't continue the run outside. that's a lie, i do. i wanted to watch re-runs of the hills, class.

a lunch that looks like bfast...

1/3 cup o' oatbran, 1 cup water, salt n' peppa, 1 morning star bfast pattie, two spoonfuls of shredded parm and my lovely hot sauce from tj's.

right after i needed something sweet.

nectarine with cinn.

i went on walk for about an hour and a half then came back and manged on another apple, they make me smile.

dinna was a dime piece.

1 block of tj's teriyaki tofu fried up and dipped in tzatziki sauce. squash! love. plain just the way i like it. then an insane amount of hummus with shrooms, carrots and 1/2 a red peppa.

my broho came home last night so i kicked it with him. watch one of my fav shows it's always sunny in phili. i had some basically the same dessert as last night minus 1/2 nectarine and almond butta.

welp loves i'm listening to girl talk as i type, don't worry there was some dance breaks while writing up this post.
right now i'm going to practice self restraint and stop downing coffee, we'll see how that works. have a bangin' ass weekend chicas!


  1. Whats girl talk... I feel like I should know this! haha I sometimes opt to bike inside to watch the price is right and er =)

  2. it's this dj who mixes a ton of music together, all dance jams but of course!

  3. Have fun dancing tonight!!

    I love your meals as usual. Especially /that fake nut butter wrap! Better'N'PB kind of grows on you huh? And where do you find those tortillas?? I want them so bad!

  4. just came across your blog and saw you were going to see girl talk -- instant jealousy! ah you are one lucky girl :]

    love your blog btw


  5. ooooooo!!! i hope you had a sweet time shakin' yo' thang at girl talk!!