hello beautiful bloggies!
i know, i know... sweet tooth has been m.i.a. my post are spastic and sporadic but i can't stay away from you lovely ladies for too long!
i've been taking random pics of my eats... but not uurverything, so right about now i'll give you a lil' slide show 0f some eats i've been diggin' ova the last week.

quality bfast's...
la tortilla factory wrap avec almond butta. with a side of strawbUrries and a date with a little of that ab magic.

honey crisp with cinnamon and wrap with ab, surprisingly.

hello darling. it is i, oat bran.
1st timer eating this stuff, it may have just replaced my oatmeal.
1/3 cup oat bran, 1 cup water, 2 scoops canned pumpkin. toppin's: 1/2 mashed naner with cinnamon, small handful of original puffins, big ole scoops of almond butta mixed with almond breeze.

of course yogurt messes.

1 tj's 0% greek honey yogurt mixed with cinnamon, bluebUrries, original puffins and a big scoop of blended almond breeze and almond butta.

pretty much same as above, except the addition of sliced naner, nectarine and better n'pb. truly i don't give a sh!t if it's not full of 'organic' good-ness, it taste damn delish in my humble opinion.

the snackies.

as of late multiple rounds of this has been going on...

carrots, shrooms, cherry tomatoes and sabara hummus... bomb.

and this.
honey crisp n' cinnamon.

seriously i have been eating veggies dipped in hummus and apples like it is my job... too bad i don't get paid for such things.

also some of these have appeared before my eyes, and enjoyed by my taste buds.

my favorite flav clif bar, chocolate chip.

and yogurt messes, not just for bfast homez.

tj's 0% honey greek yogurt mixed with 2 scoops of pumpkin. naner with cinnamon, original puffins and a scoop of better n'pb.

to the dinna's:
1 tj's egg roll dipped in tzatiki sauce, sweet tater fries dipped in ketchup mixed with some hot sauce lovin'. then of course my veggies; shrooms, red pepper, carrots and more of that delightful thing called hummus.

tj's teriyaki baked tofu with dijon mustard mixed with hot sauce, random? perhaps. salad: spinach, capers, carrots, red peppas, balsamic vinegar and hummus. yum.

dessert has been consumed while getting my reading rainbow on...

naner with cinnamon, better n'pb. i know some of you out there have mixed feelings about this stuff but i like it... when i dip my chocolate in it, duurr. what a glutton.

i'm on a serious effing apple kick. pink lady, dark chocolate plus better n'pb.

pretty much fruit, chocolate and pb... or fake pb as the case may be, is all this sweet tooth needs.

some adventures i've had...

1. going to the opening of neiman marcus: i went because they bought one of my pops paintings... oh yayer he's a artist. let me tell you, this was a surreal effing experience... i felt like i step into a high society world of excess. seriously every body was walking around in real louboutin's, channel bags, adorned with diamonds, you know the works... while home girl was reppin' the forever 21, hard. no offense to anyone who can afford that kind of lifestyle, but it weirds me out! plus most people there were pretentious...
but i did get bomb free cocktails and ate a TON of delish food they had everywhere... while most people just look at it ha! okay, enough of that spiel.

2. got a tattoo! picture to come :)

3. going up to bellingham to visit my college homies!

4. watched 8 hours of football... what the fur? somehow i got convinced to go to a sports bar to watch the seahawks dominate. then watched another 4 hour game upon returning. so football is fine and dandy... i just rather not have 8 hours of my life consumed by it, ya know?

well chicas have a ballin' humpty hump day!


  1. I cannot believe I have YET to try oat bran...I've tried everything (according to my friends)!! Haha I know what you mean--REAL brand name items!? WHAT!?

    Can't wait to see the TAT!

  2. Oatbran is delicious right?? Especially with pumpkin and lots of nut butter! I like how you topped your oatmeal.. what a neat idea!

    And a tattoo?? ouch! I can't wait to see!

  3. everyone's raving about oatbran! i'm getting tired of my oatmeal and i'm going to buy the o'bran next time i go shopping - you've convinced this girl, right here.
    ps. forever 21 is my lifeblood and their shizz is totally ace cuz it can look es'pensive if you do it up right. the richies don't know what they're missing.

  4. You got a tat?! ooooh, can't wait to see it!! I'm too big of a wimp to ever get one, but I always think the ones on wrists and feet are kinda cute....but i'm sure yours is too even if it's not in those places, hah!

    and yummm. GREAT minds think alike, right?? i've been loving my pb + apple + cinn combos lately too!! And the yogurt messes sound amaazing, can't wait to get in on some of that goodness this weekend at home! xooo