'arry potta

good morn' ladies! after about 4 days of 100 degree weather i awoke to clouded cool-ish sky's. now i love me some heat, but man shoo i'm embracing this drop in temp with open arms. i guess i truly am a northwest girl :)

on to yesterday's eats (i did not capture wednesdays but eh, what can ya do?)

black coffee, naner dipped in almond butta. plus i also had another cup of coffee with soy milk and ice to beat that heat.

i ran on that good ole' tread a lil' later. doing 3 miles in 27 minutes, then walking on an incline for .8 miles. then hopped in the shower and got dressed to go to costco and trader joe's with the pops. trust, home girl never misses an opportunity to go grocery shopping!

before leaving i quickly grabbed this.
toasted arny's thins (for some reason on the last post i called them arnold's sandwich thins... no idea why because when i looked at the bag they were defiantly just orwell's brand, but now they will forever be deemed arny's). with hummus and smoked salmon.

i wish i would have taken a picture of all the groceries that were purchased. seriously it is ridiculous, papa l. spends SO much money on food. some people invest in clothes, others cars... with my family it's food all the way.

once getting back and putting the massive amount of lout away i was haaangry. so i had dis'.
sliced pink lady apple, blueberries, light laughing cow cheese wedge and a generous sprinkle of cinnamon. but was still hungry so i also munched on this treat.
la tortilla factory wrap with almond butta. yum.

proceeded the eats with reading my book and going for a swim. i planned on eating dinna before going on a hot date (eh hem with my parents) to 'arry potta, but after showering there was no time. so i grabbed these snack's for the movie.
peanut butter cookie larabar... my fav. and a pink lady. for the record i crunched on the pink lady before the movie not during. i do not want to be the one getting pop corn thrown at, i'd rather be the one throwing, thank you.

'arry was good and entertaining, but i'm kind of a book snob. therefore, in most cases the movie just can not compare to the writing. we got back round 10 and i needed a lil' snackie.
ok yeah i'm kind of repetitive, but it's what i wanted! la tortilla factory wrap with my beloved almond butta. then i wanted something a bit sweeter so i snacked on this while watching real housewives of altlanta (ha!).
a vanilla skinny cow ice cream sandwich, with the sides cut off... kind of random. then tj's mini pb cups on top, and of course cinnamon.

ended the night reading my book, it's kind of massive. i just ate bfast and am sipping on some coffee, enjoy yo' friday chica's!


  1. i love sticking tortillas in the toaster then slathering the nut butter on. muy bueno. i spend SO much money on groceries too! i figure it is a good investment though. happy friday!

  2. geez four days of 100 degree weather!? Thats icky :\
    loving the peanut butter larabar choice girlie! Its the best!