On a ferry ride to my beloved Victoria!
Me in the corner talking to a homeless man... just making safe new friends!
Halloween 08': Attack of the Ninjas!
Showing my mad skills

Sooo... we may have thrown David Bowie a Birthday party, there was cake.
MIKE! We really enjoy making street friends.
In Ireland, with my hussy brother.
My tuna girls! Long story to the name, but i love these ladies.
I swear the photo gallery ends here. Well helllllo blog world! This being my first post eva, at last... I have no food pics for you. But I thought I would share a few photos just for kicks, of me and my homzz. And because hell, I have nothing else to do on a Thursday at midnight. So here you are, and I hope you enjoy my blog!


  1. WELCOME!! If you aren't already obsessed with the blog world..you will be!!!

  2. thanks lady! i have this suspicion that i will be too!

  3. Cute pics!! Congrats on starting your blog, and yay for relaxing at home this summer!

  4. thanks gurrrl! haha going a lil' stir crazy but at least its a relaxing stir crazy right? :)